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Get a Father's Day gift with a difference

August 29, 2018
Get a Father's Day gift with a difference

Dads come in all different shapes and sizes, and they deserve a thoughtful gift that recognises their unique interests come to Father’s Day. We reckon the sellers on Secure Your World have got you covered no matter what type of Dad you have. Don’t believe us? Check out our list below for the best gifts to suit every type of Dad.

The weary corporate traveller Dad

Does your Dad seem to spend more time at the airport than he does at the office? The AirBolt Smart Padlock is a must for any Dad that’s constantly on the move. The Bluetooth enabled AirBolt unlocks with the click of a button – that is, as long as the owner's smartphone is within range. It’s the perfect present for the airborne Dad that struggles to remember what city he’s in – let alone a 4-digit travel lock code.

The “how’s the serenity” Dad

Does your Dad like to spend his down-time communing with nature? Always has a tent in the back of his car and an eye on the surf? The KSQ Hitchsafe Tow Bar Vault is an excellent choice for the outdoorsy Dads that need somewhere safe to keep their valuables while they go exploring! Designed to be used with a standard 50mm hitch bar, the Hitchsafe is a discreet, combination safe where your Dad can keep his keys, licence, credit cards and the like. An excellent choice for safe storage of small valuables while your Dad goes for a hike, scuba dive or surf.


The entrepreneurial Dad

Is your Dad obsessed with making a sweet buck on the side? Is there constantly a different European backpacker at his house, making good use of your old bedroom thanks to Airbnb? Help him streamline the check-in process by getting him an Igloohome Smart Keybox this Father’s Day. The Bluetooth enabled storage box can be fitted outside your home to store spare keys. Guests can open the box using a unique PIN code that you can generate using the Igloohome app. You can even set a duration for a PIN code so that it expires after a certain amount of time – making it ideal for short-term visitors. Best yet, it integrates with Airbnb!

The “forgot-to-pick-me-up-from-basketball-practice” Dad

Does your Dad tend to get a little overwhelmed when he’s busy? Does he have a bad habit of misplacing his valuables in a critical moment?

The Tile Mate Key Finder is perfect for the forgetful Dad that has a bad habit of misplacing his belongings. Simply attached the Tile Mate to your keys or anything else you misplace regularly and sync it with the Tile app on your phone. You can then use the app to find your Tile, and the item its attached to. You can also press the button on your Tile to find your phone. There’s even a waterproof version.

The new Dad

Let’s not forget about all the new Dads out there, who just starting their parenting journey! If you’re a new Dad looking to protect the little ‘un in your life, invest in window restrictor this Father’s Day. These easy-to-install devices restrict your window opening and are designed to help prevent falls from windows. It may not be the most glamorous Father’s Day gift, but it could save a life.