Bike Locks

If you are part of a growing trend that uses a bike to get to and from school, that is great! Taking the bike is not only great for the environment but great for your health too. Do you know what else is great? Having a bike that will be there when you return. So, have you thought about how you will keep your mode of transport aka bike, properly secured when you are not using it?

Quick Hacks

Hack #1: Always opt for a strong and thick looking bike lock. If it's too hard to break, thieves will skip past yours.
Hack #2: Try not to park your bike in the same spot each day. Do park your bike in a specialty bike facility.
Hack #3: Remove any expensive looking and easily removable accessories. Keep these in your bag or locker.
Hack #4: Keep your bike lock off the floor and place the lock in a position that is difficult to access.

Now you have some handy hacks, let's check out our hand-picked collection of bike locks that are best suited for protecting your valuable bike so you can get on with life.


U-Locks are relatively light and their rigid shape means that they can quickly be attached around your bike. One consideration that you need to take before you do buy, is to figure out how and where you will attach this when keeping your bike secure when not in use.

Transporting them can be a bit difficult depending upon the shape of your bike. The best way is to attach it to the main frame of the bicycle. At least this way you will never forget it when you leave home. You can carry your U-lock in your bag, but if it becomes dirty or wet, it will simply make everything else inside your bag dirty and wet too.

Portable chains

If you are opting for portable chains, their length means that it can easily be wrapped around a pole and your bike. Chains tend to be heavier than the U-Lock, so if you need to carry it around with you, it is best to attach it to the seat post of your bike, rather than have it in your bag. If you are going to invest in a chain, you need to also invest in a good padlock too. Remember that the chain is as strong as its weakest link.

Cable locks

Cable locks tend to come in longer lengths than the chain locks. They are usually made of aluminium steel alloy cable or steel cable and are encased in a thick coating or tube of vinyl to protect the metal itself as well as protecting the bike to prevent dents and scratches. Usually, cable locks will have a built-in locking mechanism or will have a thick loop to give enough space for the shackle of a padlock to pass through.

Cable locks are usually the lightest and therefore are easy and comfortable to carry on you or in a bag. These sort of locks are great to buy and use alongside the U-Lock or portable chains for extra strength and security.