A Quick Buyer's Guide

Key Management

Key safes and cabinets are an easy and convenient way to help keep your property and business safe and secure. Whether you need to share keys with employees, contractors, guests or cleaners. Having a key cabinet or key box makes organising key access, that much more stress-free.

We're here to show you some great key cabinets and safes best suited for various business types.

Real Estate, Hotels, Offices

Hoteliers, Real Estate Agents and many other businesses deal with so many keys on a daily basis. Getting the perfect key cabinet can be a challenge.

You should ask these questions: Who needs access to the keys? Do you want to have one universal PIN or multiple PINs for accessing the key cabinet? Or do you prefer to access the key cabinet via a key? How many keys need storing on any given day? What type of register do you want to use to record who and when the keys were accessed?

Key safes can be as simple as the Kidde key cabinets, where you can store anywhere from 30 to 120 keys. Or you can opt for brands such as Lockwood or Creone where you can have individual users and the ability to add a key management software.

Whatever your budget, we have the right key cabinet for your needs.

Key Cabinets
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Holiday homes, short term rental

Sometimes, waiting for your guest to turn up to give them keys can at times be inconvenient. Whether its guests arriving too late or are eager to arrive early. The perfect solution is to have the keys easily available for them to pick up at a time they want. How? Through a small-sized secure key box. These handy little boxes can be attached almost anywhere, a post, a wall or around your door handle. Now, you no longer have to wait. You can now get on with the more important tasks of running your business.

Depending upon the Key box, it can hold 1 to 5 keys. You can now give your guests all the keys they need to enjoy their stay at your holiday home. Simply provide them with their own unique PIN to access and away they go!

We have hand-picked a selection of key boxes that are perfect for your holiday home and short term rental needs.

Key box
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car sharing requires a key box too

Car share

Are you a part of a growing trend involved in renting out your car to other drivers? Then storing your car keys in a secure location is vital. Depending on the key box, you can mount it to a wall, post or fit it to your car using the ABUS key safe with an adapter?

Check with your insurance company's Terms and Conditions to make sure you comply with your relative policy.

Check out our hand-picked range below of car key boxes that will make car sharing easy.

Key questions

  • How many keys do I need to store at any given time?
  • What are the sizes of the keys being stored?
  • Who will need to access the keys?
  • Should the authorised people have their own access code?
  • Where will I secure my key cabinet?
  • What is my budget?

    Need further help? We also have this how-to guide, to help in your purchasing decision.