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How to Choose the Right Key Safe for Your Property

May 04, 2018
How to Choose the Right Key Safe for Your Property

If you've booked a holiday house recently, chances are you've come across a key safe. These tough little box locks are a popular choice for the secure outdoor storage of spare or guest keys. Simply punch in a PIN to get your hands on them. This buyer’s guide is here to help you choose the right key safe to suit your property and access needs.

Key safes are not a one-size-fits-all product


Key safes come in a variety of sizes. Because, let’s face it, so do keys. Many key safes advertise a storage capacity based on the number of keys it can hold. This can be somewhat misleading, as not all keys are made in the same size and shape. For example, a key for a lever tumbler lock is usually taller than a key for a pin tumbler cylinder. Luckily, most manufacturers list the internal dimensions of their key safe as well as the recommended key capacity. Make sure to take note of these dimensions and compare them with the height of the tallest key you plan to store.

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Write a list of who needs access to your key safe before you buy one


It may sound like overkill, but writing a list of users or types of users will help you figure out what functions you need from a key safe. For example, many key safes feature either a push-button or combination entry mechanism. Many people find a push-button easier to use. So, if you're storing keys for children or the elderly, you may want to go for this option. Or maybe you plan to use your key safe to give temporary access to a gardener or cleaner. If this is the case, you might want to look for key safes that allow you to change and add codes more than once like an Igloohome Smart Keybox. This way, you can easily control who has access to your keys by changing the code as frequently as you like.

Inspect your property to find a suitable location for your key safe


Give some consideration to where you will install your key safe before you rush out and buy one. We recommend you find a spot that is easy to access but away from prying eyes. Surface-mounted key safes should be securely attached to a wall or post. Use long enough screws to ensure that the key safe can't be easily pulled off the wall. If this all too much hassle to figure out, get one of our installers to do the heavy lifting for you. They will ensure that you have the right spot for your keybox.

Keep your costs down by only choosing the accessories that you need


Some key safes come with an optional weatherproof casing to protect them from the elements. These are particularly useful for key safes used in coastal areas such as holiday homes. But if you don't think you'll get any use out of a weatherproof casing, don't buy one. Choose a regular key safe instead and save yourself a bit of cash along the way.

That’s it for our key safe buyer’s guide. Got a question about key safes that we haven't answered? Why not get in contact with one of our sellers? They're all product experts and would be more than happy to help you find the right key safe for your property.

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