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CLIK Collective – Managing a high traffic coworking space with Igloohome

January 29, 2020
CLIK Collective – Managing a high traffic coworking space with Igloohome

Coworking spaces are a communal working environment where tenants lease an office or unit with access to spaces such as private meeting rooms, printing areas and kitchens. Many small online businesses opt for spaces like these as it allows them to work without the distractions that come from working at home. Additionally, by having an online operation rather than a brick and mortar store, these businesses need to have flexible and convenient methods of shipping.

Melbourne based CLIK Collective, a leading coworking space provider with facilities in Moorabbin and Kensington has filled this demand. They have created coworking spaces of various sizes in a state-of-the-art warehouse containing loading docks, a goods cage and more. CLIK's unique value proposition is that all of its facilities are tailored to meet the changing needs of a growing e-commerce business. It's with this model that houses over 50 businesses and over 140 people.

These small businesses ship out orders of varying shapes, sizes and number in any given day. As a result, a variety of couriers are used according to their requirements. Currently, there are up to seven different courier companies servicing these businesses on any given day. To house all these parcels, CLIK has a specific goods cage. Since installed, the goods cage has become one of the most heavily utilised areas of the facility.

The Goods cage: Pain points

Initially, a standard four digit combination padlock was used to secure the cage. However, with an influx of tenants moving in, it had led to an increase in traffic going in and out of the cage. This created several issues for CLIK.

Firstly, by having only one code, the staff at CLIK were unable to track when and by whom the cage was being accessed. This meant that CLIK staff were missing out on valuable data on the level of activity in and out of the cage throughout the day and week, threatening the privacy and security of the business. Data such as the number of times each courier collects and drops off parcels and the hour of the day this is done. Without this information, staff could only make assumptions as to the peak periods of usage and visually monitor which couriers were coming in.

Secondly, the combination padlock was frequently left on the opening code. As the goods cage is facing directly to the entrance of the coworking space it was vitally important to CLIK that it remained locked at all times. However, due to the complacency of some of its members, and despite repeated notifications through its communication channels, the cage was continuously left unsecured. This then led to another problem, any visitor to the warehouse could access the cage unimpeded and without supervision or management.

Lastly, by using the manual digit combination padlocks, it had resulted in members and couriers accidentally and unknowingly changing the code. Because there was no master key to the padlock, the padlocks had to be cut in order to access the goods cage. This then left the goods cage exposed whilst waiting for a replacement padlock to be installed. This problem occurred on numerous occasions which in turn led to unnecessary and needless expenses for the facility.

Getting the solution right

Given the high volume of traffic, CLIK replaced their mechanical combination padlock with the Igloohome Smart Bluetooth Padlock. Here's how it improved the services and safety policy at CLIK.


1. Automatic closing

The implementation of the Igloohome Smart Padlock gave an immediate result. The goods cage was no longer left unlocked and unsecured. Since the smart padlock consisted of numbered dial pads rather than the four digit combination dials of the previous padlock, the entered PIN remained anonymous.

Additionally, by closing the shackle into the padlock, it automatically locked with no further action required. Unlike with a combination padlock where the dials had to be turned to ensure that the padlock was locked. This lead to valuable time saved by time-poor and hectic members.

2. Unique PINS

To maintain simplicity and ease of access for all, CLIK has been able to implement the following:

  • Provide an easy to remember four digit PIN to its members thereby keeping consistency with the previously issued code. This also allows the CLIK team to monitor how many times per day its members access the goods cage.
  • Provide each courier company with their own unique PIN, thus making it easy to identify the frequency and time that each courier arrives each day.
  • Provide each CLIK staff member with their own code making tracking entries for the above two easier.

  • 3. Simple software

    Given the location of both the goods cage and CLIK's management office, it made sense to install the Igloohome app directly to CLIK's office iPad. The app was simple to use and allowed its staff to create personalised access when required, as they were well within Bluetooth range of the padlock.

    Plus, having access to the app on the iPad rather than through a desktop application, providing convenience and ease of use to the CLIK staff. The iPad was readily at hand and did not require authorisation overrides to complete a task.

    4. Costs

    One of the most significant advantages of the Igloohome Smart Padlocks is their affordable cost. It meant that CLIK was able to save hundreds more in the long term. They no longer had to purchase new padlocks due to accidentally overriding codes by users as this action could no longer occur.


    Due to the improvement in security and ease of use, CLIK also employed the use of the Igloohome Smart Bluetooth Keybox 2. For further information on this smart key sharing device, please see to our next case study for CLIK Collective (coming soon).

    The experience of CLIK Collective demonstrates how large and enterprise-level organisations can implement the technology of Igloohome. It can enhance the security and efficiency of any workplace location as well as the experience of those who use it.