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DIY home security tricks & tips part 2

March 27, 2019
DIY home security tricks & tips part 2

We’ve received great feedback on last week’s DIY security tricks that we’re back with a part 2.

No one likes having their possessions taken. So let’s be one step ahead of opportunistic thieves with these next few handy DIY security tricks.

Protect the sliding doors

Glass back doors are frequently overlooked in home security upgrades. More often than not, thieves look for the easiest entry point to a home. However it is vandals or intruders who won't think twice about smashing them in. This has led to a significant portion of break-ins occurring on victims' properties. One clear reason is this point of entry isn't visible from the street and less likely to be locked, and so neighbours are less likely to raise an alarm when they can't see what has happened. The best chance of reducing this risk is to install a tough security screen and door. This will dissuade any thief looking for a quick break. Install one with multiple points of locks and install a screen door closer.

Window restrictors

Another major point for thieves to gain access to your home is by forcing a window open. You can make their job difficult and time-consuming by adding window restrictors. These small devices stop the window from opening past a certain point. It is a simple 5-minute task that any novice DIYer can do.

Cheat tip: If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, buy some sturdy wooden dowel rods. Measure to ensure that they fit snugly into place in the track and at the right length. However, this will only work for those with sliding windows.

Important note: If you live in NSW, this is a must-read article to ensure you meet minimum legislative requirements.


The old switcharoo

If and when a thief does manage to get inside, they go for the obvious spots in the house to grab their loot. They are after the quick wins. They'll search areas within the property where they know residents are most likely to leave their possessions. Let’s not make their job any easier at taking what’s important.

Rather than putting your keys near the front door, have a decoy set there and put your actual keys next to your bed. Your wallet? Get an old or unused wallet with old business cards inside and leave this in plain sight. Your actual wallet can go on top of your lunch in the fridge, ready for the next day. And what about the lovely jewellery that you treasure? Relocate them to the spare bedroom or any room that is unlikely to be searched. Buy some cheap ones and put those in your jewellery box instead. If they think they have hit the jackpot, they will be less inclined to continue searching for more items.

Cheat tip: To get these decoys looking authentic, pop down to your local op shop and search for some well-loved items.

You’ve got mail

These days, the majority of people have bills and other communications sent to their email. That is not always the case for documents such as new or replacement credit cards and driver’s licences. There are certainly many other items that are also impossible to receive electronically. One way to minimise this is to enlist the services of a post office box. This is a secure method for any such important mail. Plus it comes in handy when you're away on holiday.

Cheat tip: No post office box near your home or work? Buy a padlock to make access to the contents in your letterbox that little bit more difficult. Finally, to minimise the unwanted build-up of catalogues in your mailbox, attach a 'no junk mail' sticker.