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7 must-know facts and stats about home burglary

October 25, 2019
7 must-know facts and stats about home burglary

We know that we all find good security to be a costly expense. The majority of the time, people buy a security device or a variety of different security devices after their home has been burgled. It’s certainly not something you aspire to have. At least not in the way you aspire to have, say the latest iPhone or the best smart TV. Do you tell your friends when you have upgraded to a smart doorbell and telling them all the awesome features it has? Or what if you have just installed an electric gate on your property? Do you provide them with an in-home demonstration? The answer is likely to be a no. How do we know this? Because we have been there ourselves before. Many times.

So, we have pulled together some home burglary statistics that should change the way you think about your own security. Together, let’s make security something that can prevent a home burglary from happening in the first place.

The facts

  1. A home burglary takes place approximately every three minutes in Australia.

  2. From 2016 to 2017, roughly 2.5% of Australian households have experienced at least one break-in. That’s 228,300 households. Of that, only an estimated 75% have reported the break-in to the police (or 172,100 households).

  3. Of the reported break-ins, 74% had property stolen and 49% had reported property damage.

  4. Items that are usually stolen are possessions that are valuable and can easily be disposed of or sold. According to Budget Direct 2019 report, the top five include cash (the most stolen item), followed by laptops, jewellery, camera and phones.

  5. Two reasons why a thief has entered a property. Firstly, the house appears to be vacant. And secondly, an overflowing mailbox - the sign of an unoccupied house.

  6. 75% of burglars take less than five minutes to enter a property.

  7. A statistic released by The Guardian. Robberies are most frequently reported at around 5pm on a Friday. This suggests that robberies are more likely to occur when people are away at work and are discovered when they return home. Interestingly, during 2018, most residential burglary/break and enter offences were committed during the day. With 33.9% of offences committed from midday to 5:59pm.

Has this changed the way you think about security? If it has, we have this short home security checklist. Use this to review the state of your security at home. Is your home security up to the job of protecting your family and your much-loved possessions?

If you are able to answer yes to all these questions below, you are certainly off to a great start. Scored less than half? Now is the perfect time to get your security into shape before the summer holidays. Find what you need at Secure Your World from deadbolts to window locks and more. Not sure exactly what you need? Why not contact us and we'll point you in the right direction.

Maybe you're looking for a more in-depth review? Use this quiz from Neighbourhood Watch. It will provide you with tips along the way according to your responses. Once you have finished, let us know and we can help find you the right product.



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