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How to protect yourself when hosting a garage sale

May 17, 2022
How to protect yourself when hosting a garage sale

Hosting a garage sale is a great way to make extra money and get unwanted items out of the home. It’s an exciting and nerve-wracking time when you’re figuring out what to sell, what prices to sell them at, finding signage to direct people to your home and the social media posts to alert your neighbourhood about your upcoming event.

During all the chaos of preparing for your garage sale, have you organised how you're going to keep your home safe and secure? Even if it’s just the front yard or garage, having strangers in your home poses security risks. So to help you, we’ve put together four handy tips to keep your home safe whilst selling your items.

Lock all doors and windows

Unless you’re holding the garage sale inside your home, lock all the doors and windows before the sale kicks off. You’ll be too preoccupied to watch over your customers. It’s also essential to keep your home private, so close all the window curtains and blinds, and this disincentive for strangers taking a peek at what you own.

Protect your money

It’s good to have some change on hand, but it’s best to keep it minimal. The best way to keep your money safe is to have it on you and store it in a zip lock bag, small purse, or wallet. If you have too many coins or notes on you, keep the excess in a safe place, whether that means leaving it in your home or somewhere nearby.

Install wireless cameras

One of the best ways to protect your belongings and your home is to install wireless cameras around the perimeter of your property. Wireless cameras are quick to install, and once they’re up, you can continue to use them afterwards. Face your cameras towards your garage or driveway and at every entry into your home. Check the feed. Does the sunlight cover the view? Finally, set up your cameras to notify you via its mobile app when movement is detected.

Enlist your family or friends

It’s always better when more people are around to help you with sales. It’s also great if you need to take a quick time out or answer an important phone call. So why not ask your family or friends to join you for the day? Plus, it’s great to have company and back you up when something doesn’t go according to plan with a customer.

We hope these security tips will help you when you begin to plan your next garage sale. Looking to upgrade your home security needs? Then look no further than Secure Your World; we have you covered, from door locks to smart cameras and everything in between.