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How to make your front door more secure

June 13, 2022
How to make your front door more secure

More than 238,100 households experienced a break-in and more than 185,800 experienced an attempted break-in. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, during the 2019-20 financial year.

Now is easier than ever to secure your home’s main point of entry with Secure Your World. Let’s see how this looks.

Do you have an old door?

Then it’s best to start from the beginning. If you find your door crumbling or cracking, then it is well overdue for a replacement. Perhaps you have difficulty in opening and closing your door? Every door in your house should be able to open and close without much hassle, so if this isn't the case, get it changed. Consider the area you live in, as the salty air can cause rusting of the hinges and other metal parts to your door, another way that can make opening your door difficult.

Upgrade the locks

Unless you’ve had your home from the moment the construction finished, you should change the locks. No loose spare keys are wandering around. Choose a lock that will automatically lock behind you. If you do worry about losing keys, install a smart door lock instead. Access is then by Bluetooth, PIN, fob card or biometric, depending on which smart door lock you buy.

Install a peephole viewer and smart doorbell

By having both, you have the best of both worlds. The smart doorbell will allow you to see who is outside without leaving your spot on the couch or your cooking unsupervised. However, if you’ve forgotten to replace the dead batteries, the fallback is the peephole viewer, where you don’t have to open the door to see who is outside.

Install a strike plate

When appropriately installed, a strike plate helps provide extra strength to the door frame and lock when someone is trying to push it open forcefully from the outside. Use longer screws to hold the strike plate more securely. A qualified Master Locksmith best fits strike plates to ensure the strength and stability of the door frame and lock.


Why is door security important?

You’d be surprised how many thieves enter a property by the front door. So considering it’s the main entry point to your home, don’t you think it should be the strongest in security too?

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