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The Comprehensive Guide to Digital Vs Smart Door Locks

May 07, 2019
The Comprehensive Guide to Digital Vs Smart Door Locks

At Secure Your World, Australia’s first and only security marketplace, we live and breathe door locks. It goes without saying that we have an outstanding range of digital and smart door locks for every application imaginable. With so many options to choose from, we thought it high time to provide an in-depth comparison and analysis:

Section 1: What is the difference between Digital & Smart door locks?

Both digital and smart locks require more than just a key to gain access. In many cases, they can be fully keyless. The difference lies in the following:

  1. Digital locks require some form of physical interaction with or proximity to the lock to function.
  2. Smart locks integrate with wireless, Bluetooth or similar technologies to enable remote access control, typically through a mobile device.

Section 2: The low down on digital door locks

Digital locks range from the more familiar formats, such as PIN or NFC card enabled entry, through to highly advanced biometric systems that scan user’s fingerprints to offer heightened security. Irrespective of the mechanism employed, digital locks generally have the following advantages and features in common:

  • Simple to install and operate
  • Single or multiple access options
  • Push button or touch screen options
  • Fully keyless or manual key override
  • Range of styles and finishes to suit tastes and decor
  • Weather resistant

To better understand the range of options available, let's look at each mechanism in a bit more detail.

Mechanical PIN entry locks

The simplest form of digital lock is a push-button PIN lock. This is an area that Borg Digital Locks have made their own. Borg Locks are as tough as they come, and highly weather-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor applications that are exposed to the weather. The classical push-button digital mechanism is simple to set, incredibly reliable and available in a variety of colours, finishes and handle designs to suit your requirements. Being fully manual, there are no batteries required, so running out of power is never a concern.


For something a little more sophisticated, the Lockwood Code Handle offers a sleek design with security integrated into the handle itself. This keyless lock can be operated in manual or battery powered mode depending on your preference or needs.

Electronic PIN entry locks

Electric locks are an excellent option for their incredible simplicity of use. Best of all, they lend themselves to sleeker, more modern designs that meld more aesthetically with office or home décor. Additionally, many electric locks offer the versatility of key override, NFID Card or NFC enabled smartphone proximity entry either as standard or options. A great example is the Carbine digital locks range that includes a variety of models with each of these options.

Being electronic, most of these locks are not suitable for exterior use where they are exposed to the elements and require batteries to be changed periodically.


Bluetooth locks

Bluetooth locks are the next step up from electronic PIN entry locks. This is explained further in section 3. In essence, they have the added advantage of app access. This means that the app is the command centre to control your lock. Smart door locks such as Igloohome and Yale digital locks give you the ability to provide digital key access to other users. This is in addition to using PIN for access.

However, if the ability to open using a PIN is not your style, there is another alternative. Look for a lock that maintains Bluetooth connectivity, but with the difference of using your existing key as another point of access.

Biometric locks

The next step up in the technological ladder are biometric locks that allow users to gain access using fingerprint or face recognition. These technologies offer a superior level of security that is perfect for high-value environments such as the workplace, hospitals, schools and others. Now we’re really starting to get into my beloved Star Wars universe! Sleek, high-tech models such as the Kaba range of digital locks allow superb entry control. A master code registration provides for the programming of Bluetooth access, up to 100 fingerprints, in addition to 10 PIN codes and 100 RFID cards for maximum flexibility. With the rating of IP65, the Kaba E-Flash models completely dust-tight and protected against jets of water.

Section 3: What's so smart about Smart door locks?

This brings us to the latest and greatest technological advances to hit the security world. As mentioned previously, Smart Locks are characterised by their ability to be controlled remotely through integration with wireless and mobile communications technologies. While most homeowners may still be unfamiliar with what this means for them in practice, the capabilities of Smart Locks are legitimately on a level that can make tragic sci-fi geeks such as myself weep. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, imagine being able to:

  • Lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world via your mobile device
  • Integrate with security cameras to see who is at your door from anywhere in the world
  • Generate unique PIN codes that are valid only when you decide so that your cleaner, tradies or friends and family can let themselves in only at a specific point or range in time
  • Provide access via virtual key to anyone with the app installed on their smartphone
  • Receive notifications any time someone enters or exits your property
  • Obtain real-time reports on all traffic in and out of your home.
  • Integrate with Airbnb and other home share apps to deliver the ultimate flexibility, convenience and security for your property. No more meeting with your guests when they arrive or leaving keys in less than fully secure locations.

This all might sound like an episode of The Jetsons, but it’s available here and now, and Secure Your World can hook you up with all this and more.

Take the market-leading Igloohome Bluetooth Smart Deadbolt 2S as a prime example. When paired with the unfeasibly easy-to-use app, this advanced security system offers all the above-mentioned benefits and more. The ultra-slim, stunning design also offers decoy PIN codes, tamper alarms and a host of additional features. As one of several smart locks integrated with Airbnb, this incredible product is the perfect addition to your security armoury.

For a more minimalist look, the Danalock Smart Lock range resembles regular, modern doorknobs, but are a fully virtual security system with military-grade encryption that can be fully controlled through an intuitive and simple app. With manual key override, this is a perfect option for the safety-conscious household that wants to maintain the natural look of their door.


If you're looking for the absolute pinnacle of door security, the opposite end of the spectrum is occupied by the Kaadas K8 Biometric Bluetooth Smart Lock. In addition to its stunning, futuristic design, this spectacular unit offers the unbeatable combination of mobile, biometric and keypad access. Together with the Samsung SHP-DP728, which offers all the same features, door security seen in many futuristic movies.

We hope that this has helped to clarify what is, at least to us, a fascinating field. The intersection of security and cutting-edge technology has truly opened up new boundaries in keeping your family, workplace or investment property safer than ever before.


If all these hi-tech sounds a little confusing, we’ve broken it down to a simple table to help point you in the right direction:

For more information about these or any other of Secure Your World’s extensive range of digital and smart lock products, search our website today.