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The must-have tool for holiday home owners: Minut

February 27, 2020
The must-have tool for holiday home owners: Minut

“Party houses” are one huge costly headache for both holiday home owners and platforms such as Airbnb, Agoda and Stayz. Scenes like smashed windows and destroyed furniture are an owner’s worst nightmare. Actions like these are not restricted to location, style of house or interior design. Such was the case in a beautifully decorated home in Harkaway, Victoria and or in every day, ordinary-looking home in Cannington, Western Australia.

Seeing this level of damage means spending a considerable amount of time and money on getting these properties back up and running. Either in time for the next guest or losing out on further income should bookings need to be cancelled, if it can’t be done in time. Every time a home falls victim to these events, it means more money and more time. Not forgetting to mention the hassle in having to deal with neighbour complaints when this happens, and in extreme cases, police intervention, inspections and investigations.

Minut: Smart Home Monitor and Alarm System

This is where Minut comes in. This smart and sleek circular device looks very similar to any ordinary smoke monitor system. What makes this a great asset for every short term property, is in its different features. Whilst at the same time, maintaining the highest level of privacy for guests.


Minut is simple to install. There's no need for professionals as it takes less than five minutes to install and connects quickly to your wifi. Once set up and running, this small smart device becomes your home security monitor. Its primary feature detects sharp increases in noise and temperature. Plus, it can also detect motion activities, from human beings to the humble guest's dog. Another great feature is it also has sensors to determine if and when it has been tampered with. Something any smart alarm should have. Minut therefore keeping owners in the loop, at all hours of the day and night.

Minut provides its users with real-time alerts. This gives holiday homeowners the opportunity to act immediately and before it gets too far out of hand. Plus by being proactive, you also avoid those nasty and quick-to-judge neighbourly complaints. No doubt this is great news for everyone as it will keep your immediate neighbours happy knowing that your home is being carefully monitored at all times.

These devices do not record raw data such as conversations or visual movements. So it certainly gets a big tick from guests as it protects their privacy throughout their stay.

Minut is listed by IOT Locks at $239. This is no doubt, is a small price to pay for providing you with the peace of mind knowing that your investment is being looked after.

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