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How to prevent package theft

March 17, 2020
How to prevent package theft

One in four Australians has had an unattended parcel stolen from outside their home. That’s according to research conducted by Pureprofile on behalf of Ring. And in another survey, Budget Direct found at least 1 in 10 Aussies (12.4%) have said they have had parcels or packages stolen from their front door. With these increasingly concerning statistics, it is no wonder that people feel the need to protect their packages. Moreover, this figure is expected to rise as spending online increases. In 2018, this increased by 24.4% compared to the year before, according to an industry report released by Australia Post.

To ensure you don’t go through the pain of dealing with a stolen parcel, let's take a look at a few handy ways on how you can prevent package theft.



The majority of online retailers allow you to leave instructions for the courier. In case you miss it, this section is usually available to you before finalising your transaction. The instructions can be as simple as letting them know where they can safely leave your parcel. A far better option than having to guess where they may have hidden it if you are unable to receive the parcel yourself. However, we know that not all homes have suitable hiding places. If your home is one of these, get yourself a sturdy, lockable box. Add a combination padlock and include the PIN in the instructions. A foolproof way of keeping the box secure is by getting an igloohome smart padlock. Not only is this padlock weatherproof (IP66), but it solves the key pain point with PINs. The ability to select a one time pin, all from the safety of your phone! It also means that if anyone else manages to grab ahold of the pin listed, they will find themselves unsuccessful in their attempt to get in after the courier.

Get Smart

Installing security cameras on your property is a no brainer. But where? Have them point out from your entry points, doors, garage and windows. This will ensure that it picks up on anyone loitering or attempting to get into your property as well. Choose a camera with a wider angle or with panning ability if you would like to capture more of your property. This is the best way to go if you have a wide porch or cover a long driveway.

Don’t forget to test out your cameras. You want to make sure they connect to your smartphone easily and provide good quality images. If not, is the camera within a suitable range of your wifi router? If this doesn’t work, consider getting yourself a camera with 4G capability. Having a 4G camera means that you have more flexibility in where you can install your camera from your front gate to your shed. Lastly, don’t forget to allow notifications from the app on your smartphone. This way, the app will notify you of any activity quickly.

You can also opt for a post parcel locker where couriers can place it inside, keeping it safe from external threats or natural elements. Once you get home, you can unlock the locker to receive your package.

Put a signature on it

Most couriers will allow you to choose whether or not you would like to sign for your package upon successful delivery. This means that packages cannot be left behind unattended by the courier. Instead, your courier will send it to your nearest post office or facility for you to collect. Terms and conditions may apply to this general rule, so check carefully with your courier beforehand.

Send it elsewhere

What if you can’t be at home to receive your parcel? Have you thought about getting it delivered to your work address? At least you know there will always be someone available to receive it. At least during business hours. But then what if the delivery comes in after-hours? Or worse, your workplace doesn’t accept any personal deliveries? The next simple way is to use a parcel locker to receive your packages. The best thing about using parcel lockers is that packages can be collected at any time of the day or night and are kept secure until then. Why not check out Australia Post? They provide you with a free service, giving you 48 hours to collect your purchase from your chosen location. Search for a convenient location and use the provided personalised address when placing your next order online.


Have you fallen victim to a porch pirate? What have you done since to prevent package thefts? Have they worked? Please share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear from you!