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Igloohome helping real estate agents to adapt

April 06, 2020
Igloohome helping real estate agents to adapt

The way Australians are currently living has changed. From the need to maintain social distances to the way most of us work.

For the real estate industry, this means significantly changing the way real estate agents conduct their business. With home opens and onsite auctions being given the chop by the federal government, it means coming up with different and innovative approaches to selling and leasing real estate.

Whilst some have come up with using virtual reality to showcase their properties, others are hosting opens by appointment only. With the ultimate goal of limiting the number of people going through their properties at any one time. Whilst not only is this a potentially costly exercise for agents by ensuring they make themselves available but this can in itself, increase exposure to both agents and clients during this time.

Igloohome has an innovative answer that minimises human contact for all parties involved. It’s through its Smart Keybox range and its unique and purely offline method of operation. This means it’s Keyboxes don’t require any form of internet connection, but rather connectivity is gained via the free igloohome app.

Access to the Igloohome Keybox is provided via a temporary PIN or a one-off PIN generated by the app. Essentially, this allows the property to be viewed without the realtor being present. Announced on Sunday 29th March, the latest change in government guidelines now allows no more than two people in a gathering. Thus, making conducting business slightly more complicated, inconvenient and all too time-consuming to show a couple through at any given time. These effects have taken place from midnight on Monday 30th March.

With conditions changing daily, alternative methods of access need to be considered on a daily basis. This is just one option of maintaining the operations of a real estate business.

If you would like to learn more about the Igloohome range and how we can help you give access to more properties email our IOT Locks team at