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Product spotlight: Kovix KVH-96 Alarmed Lock

May 06, 2020
Product spotlight: Kovix KVH-96 Alarmed Lock

Every caravan needs to have the Kovix KVH-96 Alarmed Lock as part of its suite of security devices. The Kovix KVH-96 connects in seconds to the coupling of your caravan, whether it is attached to the tow bar of your vehicle or is stationary in your driveway. This lock is fitted with an alarm system and is made from high strength 304 stainless steel so it’s also designed to withstand the extreme conditions of the Australian outback.

What makes the Kovix stand out from other hitch locks, is in its built-in alarm. To activate, simply insert the key and with one beep, it will signal the ‘alarm on’ mode. This built-in alarm reaches an ear-splitting 120dB. Making more than enough noise to bring attention to your prized possession and the unlucky thief attempting to steal it away. What better way is there to deter theft?

But what if you are out on the road? Won’t the constant motion set off the alarm? That leads onto the next great feature. The ability to easily deactivate the alarm, whilst still maintaining the security of the coupling. You can do this regardless of whether or not the caravan is attached to a tow bar or not. However, it’s worth noting that Kovix recommends you use caution when driving with the lock in place, as extreme conditions may cause damage to the KVH-96. To deactivate the alarm, simply insert the key and with two beeps, it will signal that it is in the 'alarm off' mode.

So what other features does this lock have? Well, the lock’s electronics are completely waterproof, so yes, it will continue to work rain, hail or shine. To keep the alarm going, it simply requires CR2 long-life lithium battery.

Finally, this hitch lock is designed to work on most hitches, such as the standard 50mm ball, standard 70mm ball, ALKO Offroad 3.5T and ALKO Offroad 2T. So why not get one for tradie trailer or boat trailer too?

Check out this short video from Kovix on how this lock works.