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Start your day with these top smart home podcasts

October 23, 2018
Start your day with these top smart home podcasts

Smart Home podcasts provide a wealth of information in short audio episodes that last anywhere from fifteen minutes to over an hour. Basically, it’s like listening to your local radio station, except it discusses specific topics, with less the ads and without the music. It’s a great way to get in on the action without needing to have the time to read a blog or news article. You can even listen to shorter episodes on your way to or from work, whether this is on the train or in your own car.

Why not check these ones out?

Top five Smart Home podcasts to listen to



This is a podcast show that has its focus on topics of connected home and home automation and everything in between for the smart home enthusiast and DIYers. Hosted by Richard Gunther, he is joined by weekly hosts who are industry experts, regular consumers and even company representatives.


The Smart Home Show

Hosted by Michael Wolf he brings guest hosts for each episode. He covers news, product reviews and opinions. It’s extremely informative and great for the smart home enthusiast. There are 45 episodes, approximately half an hour each for this show. It has aired between 2016 & 2017.


One Hour Smart Home

If you are wanting to get all the information there is on automating your smart home and life, then this is the blog for you! Hosted by James Both, this show just kicked off in July 2018 and already has a database full of knowledge, from your basic 101s to product reviews and the latest in smart home news. It’s certainly worth listening to its 30-40min episodes (so far).


This podcast features news, opinions, insights and advice on all things smart home. Certainly worth a listen for all you home tech enthusiasts. This weekly podcast is hosted by Seth Johnson and Jason Griffing, this will shortly become your go-to resource hub for information on the latest in home tech and home automation trends.


Smart Home Showdown

Although this only has five episodes so far this year, this is truly worth a listen. With only 15min per episode, this show is certainly easy to digest, by going through simple product reviews and comparisons in any given smart home category. This show is hosted by Caleb Stultz.

These are our favourite smart home podcasts to listen to, if you have a favourite and would like to add this to the list, let us know!