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How to make your front yard safe and secure

July 26, 2022
How to make your front yard safe and secure

Keeping your house and front yard tidy and well maintained is essential. Not only does it make for great street appeal, but it also shows that someone is currently living in the home (rather than empty and unoccupied). Collecting mail is another way to show someone is at home. Great home security provides safety and peace of mind. What does this security look like? We’ll go through four essential aspects that you should focus on.

Install outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting serves multiple purposes. It illuminates potential tripping hazards, deters criminals from scoping out your property, and makes it easy for guests to find your home at night. Consider illuminating the house number, doorways, footpaths and driveways when looking for places to install lights. Trim your plants and trees away from the house Trees and shrubs may give your house a beautiful and colourful curb appeal, but they provide an excellent place to hide for thieves. Consider planting flowers and low-rising bushes instead to make your space greener. If you have trees near windows and doors, replant them elsewhere or add extra security to those windows, such as heavy-duty locks, security cameras, and strength window glazing.

Secure your mailbox

Often mailboxes are the prime spot for identity thieves to attack. Mailboxes are where you receive your new or updated driver’s licence and new credit cards, thus making them enticing to thieves. Mailboxes are easily accessible from the road. So what can you do to prevent anyone from accessing your mail? Get it locked. Choose a trusted brand such as ABUS and Master Lock for a sturdy weatherproof padlock, or install a cam lock. Stop mail from flowing or sticking out of your mailbox by checking it regularly and removing junk mail and other dirt inside it.


Use security cameras

You’ve probably seen the news about burglars, trespassers and animals caught on camera. You might have also spotted in the news that burglars and trespassers stop dead in their tracks and quickly back out of their plans whenever they hear a voice from the speakers. Home security cameras are both a deterrent, with the footage used as evidence to spread through the community and with the police. In this day and age of technology, we recommend opting for security cameras with a mobile app featuring two-way communication. Choose to have the footage stored within the cloud or locally on a memory card. Look at this blog to select the right home security camera for you.

While there’s no 100% guaranteed method to prevent theft, these suggestions are a great way to start. Good outdoor home security makes it harder for the wrong people to access your home and its personal items. Select from our wide range of security items to find what best suits your circumstances.