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Mobile phones banned during school hours

January 06, 2020
Mobile phones banned during school hours

Are you one of the thousands of parents sending your children to a state school in 2020? Then you might have noticed the news from mid last year of a new mobile phone ban. Of course, this depends on which state you are in.

In Victoria, Education Minister James Merlino wants the mobile phone ban in effect during school hours and in primary and secondary state schools. This means phones must be kept in lockers from the first bell to the last bell of the day. The only exceptions to this rule are if a child requires the phone for medical reasons or if specifically instructed by teachers for a classroom activity.
“Banning mobile phones during school hours will not only mean students focus more on learning, it will also help kids interact more in the schoolyard and reduce cyberbullying.” James Merlino said.
The Victorian Member for Hawthorn, John Kennedy supports this ban and has said, “this is about getting all Victorian state schools ready to put away their phones and put their education first.”

This was the similar response given by Mark McGowan, Premier for WA. The WA Labor government will have a similar mobile phone ban in place for next year. “We want to create the best possible learning environment for WA kids and our policy will allow students to focus on their school work without the distraction of a mobile phone.”

When will the mobile phone ban take effect?

NSW currently allows state secondary schools to opt in to the ban. So it's best to check with your local school for changes.
Victoria starts its ban from term 1, 2020 in all state primary and secondary schools.
WA will also start its ban from term 1, 2020 in state schools from kindergarten to year 12. The ban also includes restricting the use of smartwatches, tablets and headphones. The only exception will be unless instructed otherwise by a teacher for a classroom activity.
Tasmania begins a little later in the school year, from the beginning of term 2, 2020 for all state primary and secondary schools. However, students in years 11 & 12 will be given greater flexibility in when they can use their phones.

QLD, NT and ACT have no plans to roll out a state school mobile phone ban at this stage.

For most students, this means they will be required to store their mobile phones in their locker for the day.


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