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The Airbnb Host Guide: Must-Have Items

September 24, 2019
The Airbnb Host Guide:  Must-Have Items

You’ve been an Airbnb Host for a while, now its time to step it up to the next level. Of course, it goes without saying that Airbnb has specific criteria to get the Superhost badge. So what else can you do to get there sooner?

This article is all about having those must-have items in your Airbnb home that go the extra mile. These items will get your guests raving about you in their Airbnb review and score you top marks. And, ultimately getting the Airbnb Superhost badge, alongside your listing. Not to mention the bragging rights that come with it.

Easy (but secure) access to the property

There will be days when your guests won’t make it on time, whether it's because of bad traffic or they’ve stopped too long for their picnic in the national park. There will be other times when your guests arrive too early and are eager to get inside. Rather than waste time hanging around or rushing to meet them, install a smart door lock. But what is so great about a smart door lock I hear? Firstly and most importantly, it means no keys and most importantly, no losing keys. Access is gained to the property either via Bluetooth or a PIN. They can be set to operate for the duration of their stay. The Igloohome Smart Deadbolt and the Danalock Smartlock can connect and sync to your Airbnb account. This includes auto-notifications to your guests’ email with their code for access.

What if you don’t want or simply can’t change the door lock? Install a keybox on your property instead. Advise your guests where it is and provide them with a PIN to access the keys. The Kidde keyboxes is great in this department if you are after a simple no-frills, no-battery option. It works off one code, so you may want to manually change this every few weeks or after each stay. On the other hand, if you do want all the bells and whistles, go for the Igloohome Keybox. Again, it connects to your Airbnb account and PINs are randomly generated for you.



This one should go without saying. We live in a technology-filled era, every gadget needs juice at every opportune moment. Powerpoints should be visible and located throughout the house. If they are hidden, place stickers on the walls, at eye level to make them easily discoverable. If you think there may not be enough powerpoints to go around, invest in power boards. While you’re at it, include some USB cables and extension cords. Don’t forget to label them so they don’t accidentally go home with your guests.

Games, games and more games

Whether you are a host to a group of adults or a young family of 5, games are a must. There will be days (or nights) when guests simply want to stay indoors. This is where classic board games come in handy. Keep a variety of games on hand for the young and old. Typical games include Monopoly, Uno, Chess and Battleship. If you have collected some of the more nostalgic video or arcade games, why not put them to good use? To ensure your guests are looking after your prized collection, have a list of rules and the names of each game prepared.


‘Welcome to our home’ guide

This leads us to the next point. Create and have ready a well thought out welcome guide. Use a display folder and add items that are relevant to your guests and location. Although your guests have a smartphone and can google the nearest attraction or petrol station themselves, having a shortlist ready is a huge bonus. This is your time to shine and separate from other Hosts in your area. Recommend some of your favourite places, trusted eateries, and some must-see attractions. Are there any special events or festivals happening nearby? Add these too! It’s even more helpful when you include driving time to some of these great places. Once you have your recommended visits listed, the next thing to focus on is writing up some house do’s and don’ts. Don’t forget to include your contact details if something goes wrong.

Providing transport

Do you have bicycles or scooters that don’t get used all that often? Or maybe feel that your area is best visited on a bike? Having bicycles at your property for your guests to use is always a huge plus. So what can you do to ensure the longevity of your two-wheelers? Firstly, find the right spot in your property that will keep your bikes safe. This can be in the garage, out the back or anywhere else where it will be kept in good condition - rain, hail or shine. Found it? Next, get some proper bike security locks that will go the distance. Great examples include a u-lock or shackle and padlock combination. Use your lock to secure your bike in its location. If you have opted for a keyed lock, place the keys in a keybox and attach this securely to a nearby wall. If it is a combination lock, then don’t forget to tell your guests.

This isn’t the be-all and end-all to becoming an absolute star in the world of Airbnb Superhosts. Find something that makes staying at your place unique and makes it stand out. Found something else that gets your guests raving? Why not share it with us and we will include it here and give you the credits too!