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Make home security your New Year's Resolution!

December 14, 2021
Make home security your New Year's Resolution!

I don’t know about you, but it never seems to work out whenever I set myself a BIG New Year’s Resolution. I give up within a couple of weeks or months. So this 2022, why not make the New Year’s resolution something simple and based on creating a good habit? Plus, something that doesn’t take much of an effort? So, Instead of the usual, ‘I’m going to the gym every day’ or ‘I’ll go swimming every weekend’, let’s change it to be all about your home security. It seems simple enough, right? So with that in mind, let’s look at three simple habits you can get into to improve your security at home.

1. Find a hidden space to leave your keys

Leaving your keys day in and day out on your door is not a good home security habit. Because the door is one of the first places that thieves will look to when wanting to steal a car quickly. Instead, place your keys in a cabinet, handbag or another location out of sight and is unlikely to gain attention.

2. Don’t advertise when you’re away on holidays

You never know who may be spying on your social media account. When you advertise that you’re away on holiday, you’ve given thieves time and opportunity. They can then go to your home and pick up what they want when they want. Worse, as they know you're away, they can claim to be your friend checking the property, and it may not raise any alarms.

Alongside this, you should also consider having a friend or family check in on your home whilst you’re away. Not only giving the impression it’s occupied, plus they can also look out for any suspicious activity.

3. Purchased expensive items lately?

Purchased the latest PlayStation? Or have you upgraded your smartphone? Once you have taken your new belongings out of their shiny packaging, be careful of how you're disposing of the rubbish. You should be placing the packaging at the bottom of your recycling bin, not letting it sit on top. Also, let’s not showcase your purchases online either. Again, as discussed earlier, the object will only add to a thief’s growing shopping list to get from your home.

If you want to get into a good habit that doesn’t take much effort, pick one of the three tips above and stick to it. If you need to improve how you open your door, check out this blog to help you get the correct information.