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NSW Fair Trading introduces a Code of Conduct for holiday properties

October 30, 2020
NSW Fair Trading introduces a Code of Conduct for holiday properties

New rules introduced by the NSW Fair Trading imposes obligations on booking platforms, hosts, letting agents and guests. The mandatory Code of Conduct for the Short-term Rental Accommodation Industry takes effect from 18th December 2020.

“The NSW Government is introducing these laws as part of our broad reform of the sector. Together, they will ensure the minority of participants who are giving the sector a bad name are removed and the short-term rental sector is improved for hosts, guests and communities.” Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation Kevin Anderson said

The new rules are aimed at protecting the rights of hosts, guests and neighbours. The Code of Conduct brings about a fair and formal process for complaints and dispute resolution. Multiple breaches result in fines, and the introduction of a ‘two strikes and you’re out’ from the short-term rental accommodation industry model. Therefore holding bad behaviour and practices to account from both hosts and guests.

“The standards are enforceable, with powers available to NSW Fair Trading Commissioner to take disciplinary action, including penalties and exclusion from the industry for repeat offenders,” Mr Anderson said.

One of the various new rules taking effect, impose limits on the number of persons who can be on the premise of short-term rental accommodations. Hosts and letting agents must ensure no more than 20 persons are present.

Here is a look at other rules that is part of the Code of Conduct.

If I am a guest?

  • Must not make noise that unreasonably disrupts your neighbours
  • Must not cause any damage to the property, including common property in a strata scheme
  • Must take full responsibility for the actions of your visitors. They must also comply with the behaviour standards set out in this code

If I am a host?

  • Must hold insurance that covers your liability for third-party injuries and death
  • Must enable neighbours to contact you between 8am and 5pm each day with any concerns
  • Must take reasonable steps to ensure your guests are aware of and meet their behavioural requirements in the code.
  • Must not rent out your premises to any guests recorded on the exclusion register.

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