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Security tips to get you from Christmas to New Year's

December 17, 2019
Security tips to get you from Christmas to New Year's

The week between Christmas and that first week of January is a gift unto itself. For many of us, it means a week (or two) away from the office and some much-needed rest and relaxation. Whether you plan to hit up the Boxing Day sales or relax and watch the Aussies hit a few sixes, we recommend you make time for those all-important, post-Christmas security errands. We’ve compiled a handy list of post-Christmas security do’s and don’ts for you to tick off your list before the new year begins in earnest.

DO: Shred any sensitive material

Do you consider yourself to be the CFO of your household? Do you fastidiously printout your statements and cross-check it with your receipts? If so, I hope your family bought you a cross-cut shredder for Christmas! Any documents that contain sensitive information, such as your name, address or bank details, should be shredded before placing into the recycling bin. Don't let your private information land in the hands of a potential thief.

DON'T: Post on your latest presents on social media

While it can be tempting to show off your cool new and expensive gadgets on social media, doing so could make your household a target for potential thieves. I know what you're thinking, 'my friends aren't thieves'. That may well be the case, but what about the people who see your posts that you don't know about? A comment by your friend on your post may turn up in the feeds of their friends. The same goes for any of you travelling to far-flung destinations over the holidays – those cute photos of you on the beach are a clear signal that your home is empty and ripe for the picking! If you are desperate to post, wait till you get back safely home before doing so.

DO: Flatten boxes of brands and dispose of in the recycling bin

Recycling any cardboard packaging that your Christmas presents came in is always good for the environment and your home security. We recommend placing any branded (and expensive) packaging at the bottom of your recycling bin, preferably under some old newspapers. That way, if anyone tries to have a rummage around in your wheelie bin, they’ll have to go through some effort to figure out if you’d added any fun gadgets to your household that they might like to appropriate.


DON'T: Drive drowsy

Did you know that driving when you’re sleep-deprived can be as dangerous as driving whilst drunk? Your reaction time drops and you become at risk of microsleep along the route (not good). So, if you’ve got some late nights planned for the holiday season, make sure you’re not driving home; stay the night on a friend’s couch or treat yourself to a hotel room and make a true event of it!

DO: Update your contents insurance policy

Was Santa particularly generous to your household this year? If your Christmas swag included any items such as mobile phones, gaming consoles, road bikes or musical instruments, you may want to think about updating your contents insurance. Make sure you note down any serial numbers and take photos of your new kit as this information is extremely useful in the case of a future claim.