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Product spotlight: dormakaba M5

February 16, 2021
Product spotlight: dormakaba M5

Here at Secure Your World, we know that smart things are the way forward in the home security sector. So let’s take a look at an electronic digital door lock, the dormakaba M5 Series.

The dormakaba M5 Series is a sleek smart Bluetooth door lock that exhibits the perfect dichotomy of mechanical security, durability and technological genius. Its techy look comes in two colour options. The first is black with brushed nickel rim and the second is black with matte black rim. The M5 Series doesn’t need any other locking mechanism, such as a standard keyed deadlock and separate doorknob combinations. By being a Bluetooth connected device, means there’s no need for keys at all. However, should something go wrong, such as a flat battery, the lock can be powered by using a 9V battery or a standard battery pack with a USB type C adapter. In case users don’t have them handily it does come with 3 mechanical keys. So make sure to store these safely and within reach (such as a secure keybox). On a side note, the dormakaba app will notify you when it has a low battery. The M5 Series also comes with 2 RFID Cards and 2 RFID Fobs. Making it the perfect way to ease into a keyless life.

Smart Access

The dormakaba M5 Series has many ways to allow access. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the M5 Series comes with a few RFID Cards and Fobs. In total, you can connect up to 100 RFID cards and Fobs along with 10 PINs and 10 Bluetooth devices. The dormakaba app will allow you to see what cards are in use and you can keep track via the activity log. Should you also have any tradies going in and out frequently, you can also set the dormakaba M5 to passage mode. This means that the lock won’t activate when the door closes. Simply toggle the switch on the backplate to activate and deactivate.

Smart Security

For anyone trying to gain unauthorised access to the electronic door lock will be disappointed. The dormakaba M5 Series has a couple of handy features to scare off any would-be intruder. To begin with, if anyone decides to dismantle the digital lock, the break-in and tamper alarm will activate. On the other hand, if you think someone's watching, you can also do a scramble PIN. Here, you add a jumble of other numbers, before putting your own PIN in. What about if you’re not sure that you’ve closed the door? The unlocked digital door warning will notify you if you haven’t. A great example of the device's mechanical security.


The dormakaba M5 Series fits easily onto your door, with no extra wiring or screws, only 4 AA Alkaline batteries. It comes with an easy to read step by step installation guide and, of course, the drilling template, too, showing its mechanical durability. Choose to either do-it-yourself or get a Master Locksmith to do all the work for you.

Once it’s installed, the M5 Series makes the next step a breeze. The voice-guided programming will help you to set up everything you need to get going. This includes the Administrator PIN, programming RFID Card/Fob and creation of One Time PINs.

Specifications of the dormakaba M5 Series

Door thickness 35mm - 50mm
External body 65 x 285 x 27.5 mm (W x H x D)
Internal body 65 x 280 x 27.5 mm (W x H x D)
Power input 4 x 1.5V AA Alkaline battery
Operating temperature -20°C to +55°C
Fire Rated to AS1905 Part1: Fire resistance door sets
Weather protection: IP54

If this sounds like the lock for you, get it here, from Secure Your World.