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Product spotlight: Igloohome Smart Bluetooth Keybox 2

August 08, 2018
Product spotlight: Igloohome Smart Bluetooth Keybox 2

The Igloohome Smart Bluetooth Keybox 2 has been designed specifically to overcome the access control challenges faced by for short-term rental hosts. We suspect you’ll be seeing a fair bit of this product if you’re a bit of an Airbnb aficionado.

I can already hear the cynics out there saying “yeah but isn’t it just a key safe?”. And they’re sort of right. It is a key safe. But it’s a key safe that’s been designed specifically to meet the needs of Airbnb hosts and guests. Like a traditional key safe, the Igloohome Keybox is designed to securely store your spare keys and proximity access cards. But that’s where the similarities end.

You see, unlike your traditional key safe, the Igloohome Keybox boasts a swag of features that are more like a high-end access control system than a simple lockbox. Let’s take a closer look at some of those features.

Your 24/7 Reception

The Igloohome Smart Bluetooth Keybox is hosting, made easy. You can safely grant visitors access to your property at any time of the day, via a unique PIN code or Bluetooth key.

Simply use the igloohome app to create a PIN code to send to your visitor. Your guest can grab the keys to your property once they’ve entered this PIN code on the Keybox to unlock it.

Time-sensitive PIN code access

For extra security, you can set a duration for each PIN code you issue. This way, you can be sure that your property will remain secure once a guest has checked out and their PIN code has expired.

You can also issue permanent PIN codes for family members and friends that are regular visitors to your home. And if you want to keep track of who has been coming and going, you can always refer back to the access logs of your Keybox.

Works offline

You needn’t worry about a dodgy wifi signal disrupting the functionality of your Igloohome Keybox either, as it operated entirely offline. The Igloohome Keybox utilises technology used for online banking systems. So not only is it convenient, it’s secure too. If you want to find out more about the cryptography and synchronisation technology that lays at the heart of Keybox, we recommend you read this excellent article that Igloohome published about their Smart Digital lock, which uses the same technology as the Igloohome Keybox.


No door alteration needed

The Igloohome Keybox has been designed to suit a wide range of applications. For example, it can be securely fixed to a fence or railing using the shackled opening or surface mounted to a wall using the 4 screw holes at the back of the Keybox.

Syncs with your Airbnb accounts

To top things off, the Igloohome Keybox can even be synced with your Airbnb account for automated PIN generation for guests to check themselves in. Too easy!

Need more convincing on how easy it is? Check out this quick Youtube video on how to pair it with your smartphone.

Find out more about the Igloohome range here, from Secure Your World.