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Product spotlight: Igloohome Mortice Lock v2

July 15, 2020
Product spotlight: Igloohome Mortice Lock v2

The Igloohome Smart Mortice Lock v2 is the latest addition to the Igloohome wifi free, Bluetooth smart lock range.

Igloohome is well known for its integration with Airbnb and its complete offline access and management. In case you haven't heard about the offline management mode, it has similar technology to that of a bank's token for submitting transactions.

Read on to discover what makes the Igloohome Smart Mortice Lock the premium option.

Keyless access

Unlike the Smart Deadbolt 2S, the Smart Mortice Lock v2 has a few more options for access. In addition to having PIN entry and Bluetooth, you can also use its specially designed RFID tags and stickers. Making access easier, convenient and more flexible for you and your guests. You can have up to 56 of both RFID tags and stickers connected to your lock at any given time. It is worth noting that the first version only had the capacity to store up to 16 RFID tags and stickers. Given Igloohome doesn't use wifi, to register these RFID tags and stickers require you to be within Bluetooth range of the Mortise Lock.

Use the Igloohome app to grant access remotely for PIN codes and Bluetooth keys. As is standard with all Igloohome products, choose to grant permanent, duration, or one-time access. New to the Mortice Lock v2, you can also set up recurring access. This means that if you have a cleaner that needs access only on Mondays for two hours, then the recurring PIN will only work during that time. By customising access for each visitor, not only ensures the security of your property but it is also convenient and easy for all involved. This means no additional app for your guests, all you need to do is to provide them with the code via text, email or over the phone. Bear in mind, if you wish to customise the PIN, you will need to be within Bluetooth range, otherwise, it is a system-generated PIN every time.


The premium features

Lock modes are something that has been asked of frequently, and this lock has it all. If you have people coming in and out all day, you can activate the Smart Mortice Lock v2 to be in passage mode. Passage mode means that the door will not lock automatically every time it is closed. The second mode it has is the keypad disabled mode. This one is great if you do not wish to be disturbed. It will remain locked from the outside, even when a correct PIN is entered. The third mode is good for pets and young children. Activate the safety function on the handle and it will prevent any accidental unlocks from the inside. Definitely, a useful one to have.

API & SDK integration was something that wasn’t included in the first mortice model, now it is. So if you need to integrate your v2 model to a specific platform, Igloohome can provide you with the right APIs and SDKs to make it all possible.

The important details

With an ingress protection rating of IP64, Igloohome recommends that the Smart Mortice Lock be installed under sheltered areas. It will continue to operate between -20°C to 50°C but if the temperature inside the property goes above the threshold, the Smart Mortice Lock will automatically unlock. This is called the fire alarm feature.

This Smart Mortice Lock uses eight AA Alkaline batteries, with an expected battery life of up to 18 months. Both the Smart Mortice Lock and the Igloohome app will warn you when the battery runs low. However, should you forget to change the batteries in time, you can jumpstart the Lock with a 9V alkaline battery, giving you enough time to enter your code and unlock the door.

Door compatibility

The Smart Mortice Lock fits on any left or right swinging wooden door.

Door thickness needs to be between 40mm and 70mm.

Clearance from the edge of the door to the end of the handle must be 190mm.


Ready to upgrade? The Igloohome Smart Mortice Lock v2 is available from Secure Your World with free shipping across Australia. Or you can find out more about how Igloohome works here.