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Securing your office over the holidays

December 07, 2020
Securing your office over the holidays

The time between December and January can be often a quiet and slow period in sales. So instead, many offices decide to shut up shop for a few days or a few weeks, leaving the office lying dormant and empty. Before you leave for the Christmas holiday break, let’s look at how you should be securing your office with a good security system.

Have a security policy in place

A security policy ensures everyone knows how the security looks like, after hours. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Activating the alarm system,
  • Storing away valuables and cash,
  • When to lock the safes,
  • How to enter and exit the premises.
  • Do you have panic buttons located throughout the office? Include a schedule to have these tested on a regular basis. The security policy should have a plan in place for any emergencies that can arise. This includes contact numbers, steps on how to react to an emergency situation and more.

    Office security system

    The security of your premises is more than having a solid door lock or two. It’s about having an active security system too. So regardless of the size of your office, you should always have an operating alarm system. One thing to note, alarm systems are not a one size fits all. So it’s best to contact the professionals to find the solution that best fits you. Next, you should schedule regular maintenance to ensure that it works. Before you leave for your holiday, notify your security company.

    Another component of your security system should include security cameras. Depending on the type and brand of camera, there are two options in monitoring it. The first allows you to view the feed on your smartphone. So activate all notifications, to alert you of any activity. The second option is to have your cameras monitored. if this is the case, notify your security company of your empty office.

    Leaving the office for holidays

    When that last day before the holidays, finally arrives, there are a few items that need checking off. To start with, double-check all doors and windows are locked and no spare keys are left in plain sight. If you keep doubting yourself, get someone to check these after you. Next, ensure the air conditioner is turned off and your out-of-office message is set. Ask yourself, “What else needs to be done?”.

    By following these security tips you can take your well-deserved holiday break knowing you’ve done all you can to keep your office secure.