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Security for when you’re just starting to live alone

March 15, 2022
Security for when you’re just starting to live alone

Moving out of the family home into a place of your own is one of the rites of passage to becoming an independent adult. But it’s not without a few steep learning curves and some harsh truths from your parents to make some things seem scary. My parents were always saying, ‘don’t open the door to strangers’. If I were heading out for dinner with friends, it was, ‘let me know when you get home’, as if there is a high chance of an accident on the way home.

So when you do make a move into a new place, you should put together several security measures. If not to only make you feel secure, but also to give your parents’ peace of mind knowing that you have a good handle on this. Let’s go through what you should be doing in your first home of your own.

1. Don’t advertise you’re living alone

Nobody outside of your friends and family needs to know that you’re living on your own. So you should be putting in place some simple things that don’t give away that fact. Begin with your window coverings. Install privacy blinds that let the light in but don't show what’s going on in your home. Do you have a tradie coming to your home to fix the antenna or add extra power points? Ask one of your friends or family members to be at home with you. It will give the immediate impression that you don't live alone. Plus, if you pick a family member who knows about tradies, costs and what they need to do, it can save you time and money too.

2. Install a smart camera by your front door

When looking for a smart camera, choose one that has two-way audio. It means that you can answer whoever is at your door without actually opening the door. Strangers won’t know whether you’re home alone or not. Plus, you can even talk to them in real-time when you’re away from home too. But what if you live in an apartment? Most apartment complexes won’t allow any form of cameras by the front door. And yes, this also extends to those video doorbells. If this is the case, install a peephole viewer, where again you can see who is at the door without unlocking it. And if your apartment complex has one of those security gates at the front, make sure to use them. Contact your body corporate should they ever stop working.

3. Spare keys

One of the minor inconveniences of living alone is if you accidentally leave your keys behind. Whilst you do have the option of calling a locksmith to let you back in, it’s best to have spare keys. If your parents or other relatives live nearby, consider providing them with a spare key as a just-in-case scenario. The other alternative is getting yourself a small discreet key safe. Consider installing the key safe in a spot that isn’t visible from the main street. Don’t forget to put the spare key back once you’ve unlocked the door.


4. Monitors and alarms

Intruders aren’t the only danger present for those living on their own. If you live in a home that has a fireplace or uses gas heaters, a carbon monoxide detector is essential. Carbon monoxide levels can increase, especially in the cold winter months. Especially in the cold winter months, where windows are closed to avoid the draft. A carbon monoxide detector will alert you when the room has reached the designated carbon monoxide threshold. This gives you time to crack a window open or fix the problem before you become sick. Across many Australian states and territories, it is compulsory to have a smoke detector. If yours is battery powered, then replace the batteries every year. For both hard-wired and battery-powered detectors, give them a quick test, so you know they work.

5. Get your home & contents insurance

Regardless of whether you’re living on your own or not, it’s essential to have at least contents insurance. If the worst should happen, and you’ve lost your home due to a fire, then by having insurance, you don’t have to start from zero. Your insurance will be able to get you back a new couch, tv, bed and all the other commodities we take for granted and build up over time.

Living for the first time on your own is exciting. But you mustn’t forget to get your security in order too. Get what you need from the experts in all things security - Secure Your World.