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Simple home security tips for your forever home

November 12, 2018
Simple home security tips for your forever home

You’ve just purchased your new forever home, signed all the paperwork and keys in hand. Congratulations! You are now looking forward to filling it with great memories and you have the feeling that nothing could possibly go wrong, ever.

Before you pop the cork and celebrate your housewarming party, there are a few important things you will need to take care of. Most importantly, the security of your new forever home. After all, having top-notch home security means that your family can be well protected. So here are a few simple home security tips to protect your forever home.

Front door

This is usually the first line of sight that many intruders look to get in through, so let’s start here. Inspect your door and door frame. Check the front door is solid; your security screen door is not broken or flimsy; the hinges are well in place and that there are no unwanted gaps.

Rekey your front door, you don’t know who else has a copy or if all copies have been handed over. You wouldn’t want the previous owner’s family suddenly showing up in your living room.

If keys aren’t your style, keyless entry is the way to go. Look to install a smart lock like the Igloohome Bluetooth Smart Deadbolt or the Yale Smart Deadbolt.



The next point of entry into your home is your windows. How old are the latches? Are there compliance laws in your state? Read here for the NSW changes. Make sure to use a Master Locksmith to install secure window locks for you. The best ones to use are ones that require a key to open and close or restrict opening gaps. Windows are an intruder’s second favourite entry point and are usually one of the first places for forced entry, so it pays to have this secured.

Hello neighbour!

Your neighbours are valuable security assets too. Not only is it another way to make new friends, but given they live next door, they can be the perfect lookout for when you are on holidays and vice versa. Doing simple tasks such as picking up the mail, gives the impression someone is home.


Let there be light

Intruders don’t want to be seen on your property. So what better way to deter nighttime thefts than bedecking your front and backyard with decorative lights? To save on the power bill, buy solar-powered lights. Another option is to install motion-activated floodlights.


Hide and seek

It’s great fun for the kids to play hide and seek, but you don’t want to play this game with any intruders or unsolicited guests. Trim your garden and minimise hiding spots for any unwanted observations and scouting. Lastly, check that your trees don't create a 'ladder' to your roof, window or balcony. You don't want to find out that your tree became an accomplice to a thief, trim the branches away from your home. Additionally, by doing this, you'll minimise the risk of the tree falling onto your home in terrible and extremely windy conditions.

Home security system

Most importantly, get yourself a home security system. Every home should have one. They detect unwanted intruders and record any suspicious activity. Finally, having signs or the security devices themselves clearly visible is enough for thieves to make a U-turn and avoid your property.

Do you have any other helpful tips for new homeowners? Let us know!