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Product spotlight: Ring Doorbell 2

June 12, 2018
Product spotlight: Ring Doorbell 2

The first recorded doorbell was used during the Victorian era – and was quite literally a door-bell. These manually operated systems featured an internal bell that could be operated by either pulling a rope or twisting a key-like mechanism.

Although they are still used to welcome visitors to your home, doorbells have come a long way since these humble beginnings.

Introducing the Next Generation of Digital Doorbells

The Ring Doorbell 2 is no ordinary doorbell. It’s more of a hybrid, Frankenstein-like doorbell meets-alarm-slash-CCTV-surveillance-super-device. But unlike traditional security systems that require professional installation and monitoring, the Ring comes with everything you need in the box and can be monitored from your smartphone, tablet and PC with the use of the Ring app (iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 compatible).

The live view on-demand video and audio allows you to see, listen and speak with any visitors at your door via the app. And forget pixelated images and muffled audio, think crystal clear 1080 HD wide-angle video and crisp, two-way talk thanks to the built-in, noise-cancelling microphone and speakers.

But it’s the additional features that take the Ring Doorbell 2 to the next level, like the adjustable motion sensors that can alert you when someone is on your property – even if they haven’t pressed the doorbell. Or the infrared night vision capability, for those dark winter nights.

Smart Security for Every Home

The Ring Doorbell 2 supports both wired and battery powered use for easy installation on any home. The quick-release battery socket allows you to remove the rechargeable battery without having to remove the device from the wall. For peace of mind, we recommend you purchase a spare battery, so that you can simply swap and charge batteries without having any downtime.


Ring Video Recording

In the unfortunate case of theft or home invasion, having video footage of the perpetrators could help the police with their investigations immensely. Ring offers a range of affordable video recording plans so that you can easily access videos at a later date.

A Ring of Security Around Your Home

The Ring product range has grown over recent years to include a variety of perimeter protection products that can be used in isolation or in unison with the Ring Doorbell 2. If you’re looking to secure the full perimeter of your home, why not start with a Ring Doorbell 2 at the front door, add a few Stickup Cameras around the side and a Spotlight Camera around the back.

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