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How to stay safe at home during Covid-19

March 31, 2020
How to stay safe at home during Covid-19

The coronavirus (Covid-19) is changing the daily way of life and routine of millions of people all around the world. From where and how people work and how each of them interacts with others in ordinary day to day situations. The Australian federal government has and still is, telling the population about social distancing. So it seems that the best option to keep the virus at bay is to stay at home for as much as possible. For many, this means working from home and limiting travel to a bare minimum and for others, it means keeping to social distancing guidelines at the workplace. Either way, it's fair enough to say that you will be living life a little bit differently. To keep the virus at bay and keep your family safe, we have a few easy precautions you should consider.

See the outside from your smartphone

If you already have either a camera or video doorbell, now is the perfect time to check the level of your battery in these devices. Replace/charge them if it is sitting at or below 10%. Next, check they are well positioned on the wall and they are firmly in place. Remove any obstructions that will impede its views, such as cobwebs and dirt. For cameras, check the angle of the lens. Will you be able to see when someone approaches your door? Lastly, ensure all wires are out of sight and check that the camera or video doorbell has a strong internet connection.

If you don’t have either a smart camera or video doorbell, look for one that has two-way communication capability. Once installed, activate all notifications in the settings from your smartphone. This way you’ll know when people have arrived and can talk to them from the comfort of your couch. Depending on the angle and position of your camera, you can even monitor your driveway too. So, you won't be caught in your PJs when a friend or family member decides to turn up unexpectedly.

Clean everything

This is something that I have not been paying any attention to during the pre Covid-19 days. But now, this has solidified itself within our household cleaning routine. You will need to regularly wipe down all the door handles inside and outside of your home, and yes this does include the entry to your home too. Don't forget your doorbell or door knocker too. Since these items are in high touchpoints or high traffic areas, they can easily be a 'port' to spread the unwanted bacteria around your home, without you even realising it. Whilst you're at it, don't forget to regularly clean your mobile phone, keys and any other object that is frequently used outside the home. You don't know what you pick up when touching different surfaces throughout the day. But by touching your keys or phone and then your face, it's another way that bacteria can quickly spread. So it might be worth spending an extra 5-10 minutes to clean all these most frequently used items.

Create a drop off zone

Planning on having plenty of online shopping done rather than hitting the shops? Then you'll want some space outside of your home that can be used as a safe drop off point. This drop off point can be around the corner of the house, or maybe behind an unlocked gate. The only requirement? Make sure that it is well out of sight from the main road. Consider placing some pot plants to further obstruct the view. This will hopefully deter any porch pirate from snatching your goods. For that extra protection to your delivered goods, install a heavy and durable chest in that spot. Anchor the chest to the floor so no one can remove it from your property and attach a smart padlock. To ensure that the courier uses this chest, consider leaving a note with a One Time PIN.

Another alternative if you can't get outside quick enough is to ask your courier to leave the parcel in your garage. Place cameras facing your garage so you can see where your delivery driver is leaving your package. All you need to do is open and close the door with your garage remote. To make the drop off point clearer, place tape on the floor or signage noting your drop off point. The best thing about doing it this way is you can be safely inside of your home during this period. Of course, make sure that your garage remote can be operated from inside your home. Lastly and most importantly, check it has plenty of battery.


You have now securely and safely prepared your home to minimise the spread of viruses and bacteria. All you have to do is make sure to keep washing your hands often, especially after receiving each delivery or after each trip outside of the home. We all know that we can't be too careful. Stay safe out there!