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Back to school: Home alone

January 12, 2022
Back to school: Home alone

With the start of a new school year approaching, now is the time to remind your children about home security and safety. Mainly when they are left alone for a few hours after school, so before starting the new school term, let's refresh your kids' memories and confidence with these four handy tips.

1. How should children get safely inside?

Kids can lose keys, misplace them, or keys can be left behind at school. So avoid having them sit by the front door all afternoon until you get home with a smart door lock. Before buying the first lock you see, ask your children how they would prefer to unlock the door. Access can be with PIN, Smartphone Bluetooth, Fob card or biometrics. Remember, not all door locks will have all main access methods, so choose carefully. If your kids opted to use a PIN, then ensure they memorise it. They shouldn't write the PIN in their wallet, notebooks or school bag.

2. How to use the security cameras

Security cameras are helpful on two fronts. By installing cameras outside your front door, your child can have a clear view of who is outside from an app. Using the app means there's no need to open the door to any strangers, and it also means that you can see who is coming and going from your home from your smartphone. If, for example, a stranger knocks on your door, you can reply directly back to them without having your child interact with them at all. So, strangers won't know whether your kids are at home alone without any adults present.

3. What household appliances can they safely use?

Not all appliances are child friendly. Appliances can cause injuries if not used correctly. Items such as a hot pan, sharp knives, blenders and the oven can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. To avoid injury or damage to your home, educate your kids to know which appliances are off-limits. Explain why you need to set boundaries and rules for using such appliances. For example, If you're allowing them to cook, they need to be attentive to the stove. They can't walk away or watch a Youtube video. The kitchen is one of the most common places for a fire to start and can often start from the stove. But, accidents can still happen, so teach your children what to do should something go wrong too. Get yourself a kitchen fire extinguisher and teach them how and when to use them.

4. Do they know what to do in an emergency?

Let's face it; kids will be kids. Accidents are bound to happen. Children like to play and make a mess. Sometimes these activities lead to cuts, bruises and broken household items. So every child should know the basics of first aid and recognise hazards. Make sure you have a well-stocked first aid kit, and they know how to use the items in the kit. For broken glass and liquid spills, teach them where the broom and mop are stored and how to pick up the mess safely.

Sometimes, no matter how often we discuss security and safety with our children, it may not come to mind when something goes wrong. Get creative and create signs that detail what to do when certain things happen. This includes a sign for the first aid kit. Don't forget to stick this sign on the cabinet door. Another example can be placing a poster near the front door showing when and to whom they can open the door.

Remember to upgrade your home security to accommodate your children to be left at home alone before the start of term. You can get further tips for when your kids get back to school with this blog. Ready to shop? Click here to get started in our online security marketplace to find what you need in all things home security.