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Best Summer Security Products

November 21, 2018
Best Summer Security Products

With summer just around the corner, it’s time for snags, swimming and security! Lucky for you, SECURE YOUR WORLD has all your summer security needs covered. We’ve compiled a list of the summer security essentials you should have installed around your home before the hot weather hits.

D&D Technologies MagnaLatch Pool Gate Lock

Although they help to keep you cool in the summer months, backyard swimming pools can be potentially hazardous to young children. Toddlers can drown in as little as a few centimetres of water – that’s why KidSafe Victoria recommend active adult supervision of children around water at all times.

In most parts of Australia, you are legally required to fence off your backyard pool to help protect young people from the threat of drowning. Despite this, many pools are pool fences feature faulty components or are non-compliant with Australian standards.

If you have a backyard pool that needs a new lock, you can’t go past the Magna Latch Pool Gate Lock from D&D Technologies. Australian made and owned, D&D Technologies have been at the forefront of pool security products since the late 1980’s. The Magna Latch Pool Gate Lock has won many design awards over the years and is still considered to be the leading lock of its kind.


Ring Doorbell 2

For many of us, summer the beginning of the school holidays and a trip down the coast. If you’re planning to go away for the holidays, we recommend you give your home a quick security makeover before you hit the road. A simple but effective security upgrade that you might want to consider is installing a Ring Doorbell 2 or Spotlight Cam. These ingenious little devices send real-time alerts to your smartphone when someone is on your property. All Ring products are fitted with a built-in noise cancelling microphone and speaker so that you can speak to anyone on your property.

ALU Lock Multi-Purpose Window Restrictor

Open windows are another potential summer hazard for children. Falls from windows, particularly in buildings with two or more storeys, can be potentially fatal for both children and adults. Window restrictors are an easy-to-install and affordable solution to prevent this from happening.

If you have a range of window opening types, we recommend choosing the ALU-Lock Multi-Purpose Window Restrictor. This unique device can be configured to suit double casement, double-hung, awning, casement, single-hung and sliding windows – saving you the trouble of double-checking you’ve bought the right lock for your windows!


ABUS Weather Proof Padlocks

For most Australian’s, summer holidays will involve water-based frolicking of one kind or another. If you’re a water sports enthusiast, then you’ll no doubt know how important it is to have a waterproof padlock to lock up all your gear. If you’re in the need of an upgrade, you can’t go past the ABUS range of weatherproof padlocks. These padlocks feature corrosive resistant internal components, making them ideal for securing boats, gates, trailers and bikes.