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The Best Ways to Secure Your Shipping Container

June 19, 2020
The Best Ways to Secure Your Shipping Container

Everyone needs just a little extra storage, whether it's to clear space at home or to send a mass shipment of your products elsewhere. Maybe you need some space to lock up your tools on a construction site? We have some great storage container security ideas for those lucky enough to have a shipping container to help them with all their extra bits and pieces. Ensuring only you can securely access your belongings.

Kossie Shipping Container Lock

product-shot-of-kossie-shipping container-lock-jpg

The Kossie Container Lock is a high security lockable clamp. This is THE perfect lock for both shipping containers and Pantech trucks with locking rails on the doors. It's easy to fit, 100% Australian made steel lock is strong, durable and bolt cutter proof. How? The outer steel sleeve protects your padlock from all kinds of attacks from potential thieves.

Highly visible in its weatherproof, bright yellow powder-coated finish, the lock is fully customisable. It can be modified to suit just about any container lock or truck locking rails with its tamperproof locking pin mechanism. No welding required!


For the ultimate security, pair Kossie Lock with a high security Abus Closed Shackle Steel Padlock or an Abus Extreme Weatherproof Outdoor Padlock. Another option to consider is the new Igloohome Smart Bluetooth Padlock. This padlock will ensure only you or your employees can access the container or truck. Every Kossie Container Lock comes with a free high security Master Lock closed shackle padlock. Plus, Kossie also offers free shipping Australia wide!

Check out this great video on how easy it is to fit and secure the Kossie Container Lock. You’ll see just how worry-free the installation really is.

Kovix KBL-12 Alarmed Bolt Lock


On the outside, this lock may look like your standard high security bolt lock. But, inside, it has a hidden surprise for any would-be thieves. The Kovix KBL-12 Alarmed Bolt Lock has a piercing 120 decibel alarm, triggered by movement. This makes sure that any crook is quickly sent packing. Let's not forget, this will also certainly grab the attention of just about everyone nearby.

The Kovix KBL-12 heavy-duty stainless steel lock is also weather-resistant as it protects the internal alarm. This makes it the perfect lock for securing storage containers on your property or trucks left on the street overnight. Its widely compatible 12mm locking pin can lock up containers by itself or in conjunction with a security cable for other applications. A few examples include generator, shed, trailer, caravan and anything else that requires security.

Use the included key to switch the alarm on or off easily. This lock notifies that you are about to put it into an armed mode with a series of small chirps. Once armed, any tampering of the lock will result in an instant ear-shattering 120db alarm.

This sound is the equivalent of a close thunderclap or industrial chainsaw - that’s 32 times louder than your vacuum cleaner! Who wants to be anywhere near something making that kind of sound?

Check out the range of Kovix Alarmed Locks and Alarmed Security Devices here.

Abus Conlock Granit 215/100 Shipping Container Lock with Granit 37/55HB100 Padlock

For shipping containers in high-risk areas such as work sites or in transit, there is the ultimate in heavy-duty transport and container locks - the Abus Conlock Granit 215/100


Included with this security hasp package is the Commercial Grade Class 10 Granit 37/55HB100 Extra Long Shackle Padlock. German made for commercial locking applications; the weather-resistant steel construction is the best corrosion-resistant security for your shipping containers and goods in transit. The Abus Conlock and Granit Padlock are built tough.

These padlocks are manufactured to withstand many shipping container attacks, such as the most common leverage attacks. A bonus to this is it can withstand a pulling force of up to 6 tonnes! Additionally, it is resistant against drilling, hammers & impact tools, saw attacks and bolt cutters.


All Abus Conlock 215/100 locks come with 2 keys and an Abus Key Code card. This Key Code card can be given to locksmiths to create additional keys, cut specifically for your lock. Have multiple containers? Why not have your padlocks keyed alike? One key to rule them all! The Abus Conlock is permanently affixed to your shipping container with a discreet and secure bolt setup; no welding required. A 25mm hole saw is required for installation. So make sure you own the shipping container first before making any changes.

Have a look at the Outstanding Abus Conlock Granit 215/100 here.

Igloohome Smart Padlock with PIN code


Maybe now you are looking at getting smart about your shipping container security. Well, you can’t get much smarter than the new Igloohome Smart Bluetooth Padlock. The Igloohome Smart Padlock has 2 easy to use modes of access. The first is with the igloohome app and Bluetooth. It means you can unlock it with just your phone. The second method is by using the number pad and a pin code. This is set via the easy to use Igloohome App for iOS and Android.

You can even use a combination of the two technologies. Using the Igloohome mobile app, you can send pin codes and encrypted Bluetooth “keys” from wherever you are to whoever needs access to the container instantly. Unlike normal padlocks, you have the ability to check who has used their PIN and when all from the app. Bluetooth logs are also updated to your phone in real-time in the app. While PIN code logs are downloaded to your phone each time, you access the lock yourself via Bluetooth. This is a great way to see who accessed your smart lock and when it has been unlocked and locked.


The keypad is also super smart as it is disabled after several incorrect PIN code attempts. This ensures that it is locked for a period of time before another attempt can be made. To add an extra level to its PIN code security, you can even enter random digits before your actual PIN. A great level of defence if someone is watching a little too close.

The smart padlock’s body is made from stainless steel and coated in hard wearing zinc alloy. It’s IP66 rated, so it’s weather-resistant with a high level of protection against dust and water. This means it’s the perfect security solution for shipping containers.

The shackle itself is forged from hardened steel and made to withstand upwards of 15kN of cutting force and more than 25kN of pulling force. Therefore it is fully protected against most attacks of convenience. The lithium battery has a life of up to 1 year before needing to be replaced. But don’t worry, the lock will give you plenty of notice before running out of juice completely too.

If you are a little bit paranoid, you can check the battery status within the app if you are nearby. Should it run out of power completely by the time you get to your container, you can jump-start the padlock with a standard 9V battery. The terminals are located at the bottom of the lock. As an additional level of security, it still won’t open until the correct PIN code is entered.

When used in combination with the Kossie Shipping Container Lock, the Igloohome Smart Padlock is an outstanding and high tech security solution for keeping your container locked up. See the full range of Igloohome Smart Locks, including the Smart Padlock here.

ABUS Rock 83CS/80 Closed Shackle Steel Padlock


This 1.5kg monster is the highest security rated padlock in the ABUS range. It has an impressive Class 10 Rating. It’s the ABUS 83CS/80 Closed Shackle Rock Padlock. It’s here to make sure no-one gets into your container, with its range of security features.

The Rock's concealed shackle design is one of its best features. It stops bolt cutters from getting anywhere near the shackle. Given this is the first place a would-be thief would try when attempting to get into your container. Speaking of the shackle, it is a 15mm wide, hardened steel, covered in a nano-protect coating. The hardened steel body of the padlock is a hefty 80mm wide. It is chrome plated and shares the same ABUS Nano-Protect coating as the shackle. This, therefore, ensures its extreme corrosion resistance.


Seen here towering over the other padlocks in the ABUS range, the Rock 83CS/80 has been SCEC Approved as a Security Level 4. The Security Construction Equipment Committee is a government-run agency. It independently evaluates security equipment for use by Australian Government departments and agencies. Products classified at the highest SL4 level offers substantial resistance against a large range of specialist attack methods over extended periods of time.

See the range of Abus Rock, Granit and other high security padlocks available at Secure Your World here.

Quick Tips on Container and Truck Security

  • When using just a padlock to lock up your shipping container, it's best to use a closed or concealed shackle padlock, diskus style padlock, monoblock or bolt lock. This stops the most obvious bolt cutter attacks, as it hides the shackle from hacksaws and hinders leverage attacks. This gives any would-be thief no point on the padlock to try and pry, saw or cut the lock off.
  • Make sure to measure everything before purchasing any extra security products. Check the specs on each new item to see if it can be used on your container or truck. The main measurement that people miss is the width of the shackle hole. Double-check the specs to see if that brand new padlock will actually fit!
  • The power of presence cannot be underestimated. Just seeing the extra security on a container provides for an excellent deterrent against burglary. Thieves know that lockboxes, shrouds and certain brands of locks and bolts require a huge amount of effort to get around.
  • Always go weatherproof. Make sure the locks you choose are protected against the elements such as the Abus Mariner Series of padlock that includes a weather cover that gives it added corrosion protection.
  • Is the shipping container close by to your property? Look into a motion activated smart camera with floodlights. This extra level of security might give you that little bit more peace of mind. Or what about an outdoor wireless camera with good night vision? Opt for one that sends instant notifications for any movement detected near your container.
  • Already have a metal lockbox and a padlock? Many shipping container veterans have found that using multiple different types of security devices on their containers is a strong deterrent, so double down on the security and grab a heavy duty chain and padlock combo to go with your current locks.

Too many security options? Having trouble selecting which security product will be right for you? Get in contact with us or any of our trusted sellers and service agents at Secure Your World. We’ll point you in the right direction.

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