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Weird and Unusual Home Security Devices

November 19, 2019
Weird and Unusual Home Security Devices

...or wait a second, that has an alarm in it?

From secure and safe sprinkler places for your spare keys to screeching secret sirens and Wi-fi enabled Pooch Pamperers there are so many weird and wonderful ways to secure your world.

Stay two or even three steps ahead of the bad guys with a look at our list of top weird and wonderful security products that you may not have known existed.

Security Devices with Hidden Alarms

Many specialist security devices are fine as they are in keeping your property and valuables safe. But a few smart companies have taken the extra step. By integrating hidden alarms and secret sirens into their security products, thereby making them even more protective.

Kovix KVH-96 Alarmed Trailer Lock


Caravan hitch and trailer coupling locks are nothing new. There are countless security options out there that keep your prized possession secure and safe. But what if we told you there is something new and different on the scene? This is the Kovix Alarmed Trailer Lock. How does it differ from other hitch locks you say? Underneath its hard-wearing stainless steel construction, hides a noisy secret. An ear-shattering 120-decibel alarm that is triggered by movement or tampering. Compatible with most trailer hitches, caravans and motorbike/jetski trailers it can even be used as a fully functioning trailer coupling lock too. The whole Kovix range of locks, padlocks and cables all have the same hidden alarms and are available here.

Hidden Bike Alarms


So you want to set your bike or motorcycle up with the same kind of security system as your car? Then a hidden anti-theft alarm system might be the thing you’re looking for. These discrete devices often disguised as a fully functioning bike tail light will emit a piercing siren when the bike is tampered with. Many also have a useful “Find my bike” function using the included remote. What's more, these can be charged via a common USB cable.

ABUS 440 Alarm U-Lock


We protect our homes, cars and valuables with alarm systems. So why not our pushbikes? in keeping with the bike and motorcycle theme, is the heavy-duty ABUS 440 Alarm U-Lock. This U-lock is equipped with a 3D Position Detection System, which registers even the smallest movements. If a would-be thief tampers with your bike, the lock sounds the alarm immediately. At 100 decibels, it is as loud as a circular saw going off next to you. Surely a noise like that will scare off any potential bike thief! The hardened steel shackle paired with ABUS quality manufacturing brings with it a lot of security in a small bike lock.

Pet Security

Furbo Dog Camera


Miss your fur babies and fur children when you're at work? Of course! We all do, just thinking of them sitting at home bored by themselves makes me sad. But what if we told you there was a way to check in on them at any time? How about being able to talk to them? Even send them a little treat to ease their (and your) separation anxiety? What about letting them know you are thinking of them?

The Furbo is the all in one smart wifi dog camera with movement detection and night vision. With its speaker/microphone combo you can hear and speak to your dog. It will even send notifications to your phone when your dog is barking so you can check on them and reassure your puppy pals you will be home soon. Just when you thought it was out of tricks, it can even fire a tasty treat across the room for them at your command.

PetCube Camera


And now a security camera for cat lovers! This smart device lets you see, hear and even talk to your cat (if they are listening that is) and probably the dog too if they are nearby. This neat little camera also has a unique trick up its sleeve. An interactive laser pointer! Plus it allows you to control its movements with your smartphone! And if you're a bit busy at work to be messing around with cat entertainment, you can set the laser to autoplay mode, keeping them well distracted. We have all seen how much cats love those things (and maybe some humans too). But don’t worry, the laser is certified safe for both cats and people.

It hides a 1080p HD camera which records the room while your gone and also has night vision.

Crazy Key Hiders

Hitchsafe Tow Bar Vault


The Hitchsafe Tow Bar Vault is an ingenious security keybox vault designed for use with 50mm Hitch Bars to keep all your personal stuff safe while you are out and about. Once installed it holds your car keys, licence, credit cards, house keys or fobs behind a combination lock. It installs in minutes without tools and easily slides straight into a 50mm genuine factory or after-market hitch bar receiver on many old and new vehicles.

The perfect solution for securing your keys when surfing, hiking, scuba diving or simply down at the beach with the family. It is insulated against proximity key use as well, so no-one will be opening, let alone starting your car with your key stored in the Hitchsafe.

It comes in an easy self-install kit with locking bolts, spacers, a security drawer with 10,000 code combination lock and a heavy-duty plastic cover keeping and protecting your secret vault discreet and free from dust and mud.

Garden Rock Key Hiders


No, we didn’t go to the local plant nursery and grab some random river rocks, all of the rocks here are actually sneaky key hiders. These camouflaging key hiders are placed in your garden bed keeping your spare keys a complete secret. Popular with geocachers and gardening enthusiasts alike.

Sprinkler Key Hiders


This unique style of key hider does what it says on the tin (or the box in this case) the Lucky Line Sprinkler Key Hider looks like a standard retracted sprinkler head and blends into your lawn. It holds a bunch of keys, is water-tight and weather-proof. Now all you need to do is find a sneaky spot to put in into the ground and you are right to go.

Dog Poo Hide a Key


You definitely have to be sure you're picking up the right one if and when you're locked out or need to search for your spare key. Maybe this one is for the dog owners out there, or maybe not, we’re not entirely sure. Although, you can be absolutely sure no one is going to be picking this one up in a hurry when trying to locate your spare key.

Kidde Magnetic Key Hider with Combination Lock


But what if you are looking for something that is more heavy-duty, and still hideable? The Kidde Stor-A-Key Hider is perfect for that extra level of security. Great for key sharing with its easy to set combination code and powerful magnet. This little guy can be hidden away with peace of mind so that you or your guests will never be accidentally locked out again.

Secret, Secure & a little Strange

The KSQ Hidden Bluetooth Cabinet Lock


Looking for a smart and discreet lock to secure a special drawer or cabinet? The KSQ DP151 Hidden Bluetooth Lock might be just the thing to keep sneaky fingers out. This invisible smart lock can be installed on lockers, drawers, doors and document cabinets. Once installed it can be securely unlocked with just a swipe of your phone. It can also be set to automatically unlock when your phone is within Bluetooth range and lock again as soon as you leave its 10m limit. Access can be shared among a total of three devices. This Bluetooth lock can also employ coded access which is added to the App for that extra level of protection against theft. Even better is that it comes with an alarm to let you know when you have accidentally left the drawer open. Brilliant huh?

The DP151 has an extremely low profile as all of its mechanism is located completely inside the drawer or door. This means that any would-be thieves won’t be able to tell there is even a smart lock installed just by looking from the outside.

AirBolt Smart Travel Lock


Always on the go and ready to give those tiny, fiddly combination travel locks the flick and step into the 21st century of travel security? The AirBolt Bluetooth Travel Lock is packed with features for the smart traveller and is 100% TSA approved. It’s a smart small luggage lock that doesn’t need a tiny key or someone to remember a combination to open. It's all controlled by the free iOS and Android app. It can lock, unlock and check where your AirBolt is with only a few swipes on your phone or tablet.

AirBolt notifies you if it has been opened without your permission and keeps detailed records of its operations. You can even find out how long it has been unlocked and who opened it. Can’t remember where you left your AirBolt? You can quickly check the app to find out where it was seen last. Additionally, it will notify you immediately if someone tries to walk off with your luggage, briefcase or backpack, or if you have left it behind! The AirBolt is also sharing-friendly, allowing you to quickly give access to friends and family members with various permissions set by you.

Its rechargeable battery can last for up to a year on a single charge. The stylish weather-proof outer casing made from super hard-wearing alloy and stainless steel can withstand all the punishment that travel (and sometimes baggage handlers) can put your bags through.

Defendius Labyrinth Security Chain


A far cry from the simple and effective door chains we have here, this insane door chain dreamed up by Art. Lebedev Studio in Moscow and is now available to actually buy. This door lock forces you to solve the maze before you can open your door. We are not sure if we file this one under “infuriating to guests wanting to come in” or “instant fire hazard for people wanting to get out”. Maybe both. What do you think?

Numlock Handle


Here is another designer trying his hands at security. The Numlock Handle looks strange but is stylish and is created by Jaeseok Han. It definitely looks like it’s straight out of the Da Vinci Code. Not only does it have numbered dials allowing access much like a luggage lock, but those dials can be swapped out and replaced with braille dials.

The Australian brand Lockwood has something similar, but it's no less stylish. It's the Code Handle Keyless Lockset. Access is much the same way as the Numlock Handle. But it adds the ability to have up to 9 different user codes. Additionally, this will lock itself after too many failed attempts at the code.