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Scholarly security - back to school safety

January 23, 2019
Scholarly security - back to school safety

“I’m booooooooored!”

“I’m huuuungryyyy!”

“There’s nothing to dooooooo!”

“Are we theeeeeere yeeeeet?”

After what seems like endless weeks of this diabolical soundtrack on loop, it feels like the school holidays are never going to end. The ceaseless whining, the MMA exhibition matches, the unrelenting smorgasbord of meals and snacks, the hopeless knot in the pit of your stomach as you stare in disbelief at the floor you’d swear you cleaned not more than 15 minutes ago and now looks like a particularly ill-mannered herd of wildebeest have just traipsed over it. If the school holidays are a marathon, then I’m that severely dehydrated, exhausted runner whose lost control over her limbs and is staggering, stumbling, exerting the last ounce of energy to somehow fall across the line.

Then, today, I saw it. Driving down a busy road, sometime after hubby had gone to work, leaving me with four screaming, bored, axe-murderers in the back of the car. “Back to School Sale!” the billboard blared in big, bold, beautiful letters that seemed to spell salvation. Later, barely daring to believe it might be true, I cautiously pried open the Aldi catalogue to find back to school supplies and stationery dancing their sweet tango across the glossy pages.


We’re finally in the home stretch. Our minds now turn to prepare our sweet, adorable bundles to trundle off to school, leaving us to savour our morning coffee in peace and pound half a block of chocolate without them swarming around as if by radar, yelling “can I have soooooooome?!”

For many, book lists, stationery lists, uniforms, bags, lunch boxes, drink bottles and the like are now routine. However, today’s list of requirements is just as likely to include laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other high-value items such as musical instruments, art and sports equipment. If you haven’t yet considered how you’re going to keep all that gear secure, perhaps now is the time. Let’s look at how Secure Your World can protect them and their belongings with the finest back to school security products in Australia:


School locker security

A student’s locker should be their safe, personal space at school. However, without adequate security and emergency preparedness, that haven can be violated, and valuable items go missing. Fortunately, our extensive range of school locker padlocks offer the perfect solutions. If your kids are anything like mine, they will lose keys faster than they lose concentration at homework time, so a combination padlock can also be the way to go. Choose from standard 3 or 4-digit combination locks, or for the budding safe-cracker, a sturdy, circular dial lock. All ABUS products are armed with a thick shackle, are corrosion resistant and come in a range of colours to add a touch of style.

For the technologically advanced student (and let’s face it, these kids were all born with the ability to swipe and click) a Bluetooth smart padlock will provide just the right combination of security, convenience and street cred for your child and their belongings. Controlled through their mobile phone using Bluetooth technology, there is no fussing with keys, fiddling with dials or forgetting combinations.

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School bag lock

The school bag is arguably the most vulnerable target for theft or loss. Laden with valuable devices, books and academic or extra-curricular equipment, they can easily be forgotten or left unattended for extended periods. Especially now that your children bring electronics to school, it is easier for criminals to steal them and commit identity theft. Your two best friends here are a solid travel backpack padlock to keep would be light fingers away, and a GPS tracker to relocate a lost or stolen bag if all else fails. For the over-achievers, enjoy the best of both worlds with the outstanding AirBolt Smart Padlock. This nifty technology provides the absolute pinnacle of school bag security, combining superior padlock protection with advanced Bluetooth technology that will assist your kids to locate an errant bag if misplaced, or otherwise maliciously misappropriated.


Bike security

Riding to school is great for kids’ health and for the environment. However, the cost and inconvenience of replacing a lost or stolen bike is a significant concern. Therefore, nothing less than the very best in biking-to-school security will suffice to protect your crucial asset. U-Locks are typically lightweight, simple and deliver superb security but can be a little unwieldy to transport. Portable cables and chains, by contrast, are somewhat heavier but can be easily wound around the bike frame for easy transportation. However, in most cases, you will need a separate padlock to secure it. No such issues with bike cable locks. These nifty devices usually incorporate an in-built locking mechanism and are constructed from ultra-strong, lightweight materials making them the perfect choice. In keeping with the hi-tech theme, Igloohome's Smart Bluetooth Padlock is perfect for those wanting more flexibility and is simple to grant and revoke access when needed.

All these quality products are available at Secure Your World, Australia’s first online marketplace for security technology and products. Armed with all this knowledge, you’re now ready to send your kids back to school and luxuriate in the blessed calm of a quiet house. At least until they get home!