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Intelligent Abodes – Which Domestic Smart Door Lock User Are You?

June 06, 2019
Intelligent Abodes – Which Domestic Smart Door Lock User Are You?

Every aspect of our lives has been touched by technological advancement. The “Smart Home” is no longer a sci-fi dream; it’s a reality. In a recent post, we looked at the difference between digital and smart locks. Today, we’d like to break down the reasons why people choose Smart Locks and challenge you to define which Smart Lock persona you are:

The Family Guy and Gal

Nothing is more important than keeping our families safe, especially with babies and small children. The perceived conundrum with smart door locks for the family home is that while nobody disputes the superior security credentials, many are concerned that they may be too complicated for very young kids to operate. The same may be said for homes in which an elderly family member is residing, or visits frequently. The good news is that while smart locks employ the latest, cutting-edge technology, many models are surprisingly simple to operate.

The Danalock Bluetooth Smartlock is a case in point. The minimalist, Scandinavian design is delightfully inconspicuous and allows you to keep the existing look of your door. Best of all, pair your family member’s smartphone with the device, and it will automatically unlock as soon as they approach the door or via the easy-to-use phone app. What could be simpler? For the technically challenged, or those too young to own a phone, there is the option of manual key override, which allows the Danalock to be used just like a regular lock.

If your home doors have a thumb-turn deadbolt, then the sleek NinjaLock Bluetooth Digital Smart Lock fits most standard brands available and is incredibly easy to use. NinjaLock can be installed in minutes without the need for any tools or technical nous and is straightforward to use. The mechanism can be unlocked using an encrypted key via the user’s smartphone. Like the Danalock, the less technologically inclined can still use their trusty regular key, if required.

The Tech Head

Anyone who has been around kids these days knows that pretty much by the time they can walk, they can swipe open a smartphone and post photos of their butts on your Insta within milliseconds. If you’re the kind of family that revels in the latest technology, then there is a host of options that will keep you secure while fitting in seamlessly with your digital lifestyle.

A perfect example is the Kaba E-Flash 680 BLE Lockset. Aside from the stunning, elegant design, this incredible device offers outstanding flexibility with a range of entry options including PIN code, Bluetooth and fob card. There is also a manual key override to account for that tech-inept black sheep in the family. For aesthetic value, impenetrable security and versatility, there is no finer product on the market.


The Smart Homer

Now that we’ve hit the big-time in terms of technological sophistication let’s take it to the next level: The digitally interconnected smart home. Technologies such as Google Home, Amazon Alexia, Apple Homekit, Samsung SmartHomeHub and others enable homeowners to integrate all their devices, equipment and appliances onto a unified digital platform that offers unprecedented control. Door security has not missed this boat, with many products compatible with the major Smart Home platforms. Secure Your World provides numerous products that fit this bill from our Danalock and Yale ranges.

The Vacation Renter

Whether it’s a lifestyle, full-time gig or side-hustle, apps such as Airbnb, Stayz and others have irrevocably revolutionised the way we travel and the business of accommodation. Operating a vacation rental is that it should provide you with as close to passive income as you can get. However, if you’re continuously shuttling to and from your property to drop off and pick-up keys, the purpose is somewhat defeated. Sure, you can get yourself a keybox, but these are far from impervious to the enterprising crook or scammer and can present an unacceptable risk to the owner.

These issues melt away with the technologies such as our Igloohome range of Airbnb integrated smart locks. Igloohome’s sleek, intuitive mobile app interface allows complete control over every aspect of your rental security. You can remotely provide guests with unique pins valid for the duration of the stay, lock and unlock doors from your phone, receive notifications every time someone enters or exits the property, and download reports of all activity. Igloohome smart locks are available in deadbolt and mortise lock formats to suit your specific requirements or existing door hardware.

The Flipper

There was a time when “flipper” referred to a deadly ball that Warnie bowled to destroy the Poms. These days, you’re more likely to hear the term bandied about amongst real estate investors who buy, renovate and sell properties for a quick profit. In a world in which safety is an ever-growing concern, installing smart security products in a home is an innovative way to boost the resale price. One of the most common concerns that we hear about top-of-the-range home security products is that they can be complicated to install and operate. Smart home security devices are typically some of the simplest to set up and use. Elegant integration with mobile and smart home technology means that they fit wonderfully with prospective buyers’ modern, digitally connected lives.

The Karma Chameleon

It’s a symptom of our hectic modern lifestyles that our homes can sometimes feel like Grand Central Station, with people constantly coming and going. The cleaning lady (or man!), gardener, tradies, friends, family members, pool cleaners; you name it they’re always traipsing through. Nobody wants a dozen sets of keys floating around just waiting to fall into the wrong hands. That’s where Smart home locks truly come to the fore. As we’ve seen, many smart locks can be remotely controlled via phone apps. This allows you to assign access to whoever needs it precisely when required, from anywhere in the world. Perhaps you’re on holiday, and you’ve asked a friend to check your mail and ensure that the house is in order. You could be lying on the beach in Bali and open your front door to let them in. It’s that easy, yet sophisticated.


The future is very much here and now when it comes to home security technology. Secure Your World has arguably Australia’s most extensive and exceptional range of smart home security products. No matter which one of the above you are, we’ve got products that are sure to meet your needs. Take a look at our range today and drag your home’s security into the 21st century.