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How to protect your home during a renovation

July 21, 2020
How to protect your home during a renovation

So you are getting ready to start renovating your home. Congratulations! Once the plans are set, colour scheme chosen, and every other detail for your renovation laid out, it's time to think about the security of your home's security measures during the renovation project. Why? Soon there’ll be tradies, such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters coming and going into your home on a daily basis. Not to mention suppliers dropping off their deliveries too. With all this chaotic activity soon to appear, have you thought of how you will manage the security of your home? With so much going on, many homeowners may find it difficult keeping an eye on the work, their family and their belongings at the same time. This can quickly turn into a security issue.

Secure Your World has identified three key tips that will help new homeowners and tenured ones alike safeguard their property and possessions during any home renovation project, big or small.

Tip 1: Secure Your Belongings.

So, how do you protect your home during a remodelling? Protecting your belongings does a few things. It keeps them out of reach from potential thieves and it protects them from the dust or damage that might have occurred during the home renovation project. Here are three options that you can use to secure your belongings.

  • The first is to restrict builders from accessing a room whereby you can leave all your valuables in. Change that internal door handle to a handle set that uses keyless entry, where it can be unlocked with a code or PIN.
  • The second option is to hire a portable storage container. This second option is great if there's space in the backyard. Ensure that it is out of sight from the road too. Add a sturdy padlock to the container and store away. Plus, it certainly makes putting back your belongings quicker and easier.
  • The third option available is to simply rent a self-storage space. If you are renovating your entire home, then this is certainly the best option. Make sure to label each box to make returning these items back to their rightful places easy.
  • Tip 2: Home security.

    Home security falls into two categories, surveillance and lighting. Installing cameras on your property allows you to check in on how the renovations are progressing during the day. At night, it can pick up any unwanted activity. By displaying signage, it can also act as a huge deterrence to any unwanted guests craving to grab a ‘freebie’ in the first place. A good idea is to install cameras both on the inside and outside of the property.

    This is also a good time to review your motion sensor outdoor lighting. Make sure that it lights up areas such as driveways, paths, entrances and the backyard area. Thieves prefer to scope out homes in the cover of darkness, so light it all up.

    In the event that an accident occurs and a fire is set off, a fire or smoke alarm helps you alert the authorities right away. Depending on the scale of your renovation, accidents may occur. Having the right kind of security measures can prevent them from happening, or help in dealing with the situation.

    Tip 3: Keep it clean & tidy

    Pay attention to your yard and doorway security. The presence of tools, building materials and appliances left unattended on your property is all too inviting for unwanted guests. So ask your construction manager to lock away tools securely. Keep the site looking tidy by placing rubbish and product packaging in bins each day. Finally, to avoid having building materials left out too long, get it delivered in line with the corresponding installation dates.


    Once your home renovations are completed and everything is slowly returning back to normal, get the locks changed. This is particularly important if you have given your keys to your construction manager at any point during the construction project. You never know who else may have had access to those keys.

    Renovations can be a costly exercise if the right precautions aren’t taken. But if you have the right security in place, you can at least have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and secure.

    Find out which security products work best for your home by sending us a message. We’re here to help!