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Why you should make your home smart

February 15, 2022
Why you should make your home smart

Technology has come a long way. From the days of dial-up broadband and Nokia 3310s to the technology, we use today. Now we can check what's in the fridge without opening it and can use the voice commands of Hey Siri and Google Assistant to find out the weather and traffic conditions too. Technology is also getting cheaper and more accessible. When set up correctly, technology improves the lives of everyone, including those with a disability to the elderly. So why should you turn your humble home into a smart home hub? We’ll delve into five reasons why you should get in on the smart home movement.

Convenience at the touch of a button

Every smart device you manage is with an app or two on your smartphone. It means you can control your smart home from the comfort of your couch or whilst you’re prepping dinner in the kitchen. Activate the lights with the touch of a button or create a weekly schedule via an app. There are smart home technology devices that add convenience to your life in other ways too. It can help open the blinds in the morning to help you get out of bed and heat your office before you step foot there.

Say goodbye to keys

Keys will be a distant memory when you have smart door locks and a smart garage door. You can connect your locks to an ecosystem such as Apple HomeKit or Z-Wave to be able to lock and unlock your door remotely. Grant PIN or Bluetooth access to your family without duplicating or managing keys. Plus, you can allow restricted or timed entry for your cleaner and maintenance crew. The same thing applies to your garage door. Now you’ll always know when the door is left unlocked, and you’ll always know who has access to your home.

For safety

Set thresholds in apps and get warned about high levels of carbon monoxide or when your kids are having a party when you’re not around. You can even activate the thermostat to regulate the temperature to avoid getting too hot or cold. Smart home devices can quietly monitor any room without risking your privacy but can send you alerts so you can take action immediately before trouble starts. It means you have to worry about one or two fewer things.

Bring down the water and electricity bills

If you’re worried about how much water or electricity you’re using, there’s an app to monitor it all. If it detects an excessive amount of water used, it can alert you to take action. The same thing goes for electricity. If your smart home app notices a spike in electricity use, you can then take steps to rectify this. It can even make suggestions for when to use appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher so you can make the most of off-peak electricity prices.

In conclusion

Smart home appliances do much more than just these benefits listed above; they can also give independence to those with a disability and peace of mind to those caring for the elderly. These devices work well when placed in an ecosystem such as Apple HomeKit, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Google Assistant and Smart Things.

Why not choose something simple such as a smart door lock from our marketplace? You can then build your way from there. Research what works best for you and find what works for you.