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Product spotlight: AirBolt Shield

May 06, 2020
Product spotlight: AirBolt Shield

This is something that I didn’t think I’d need. I usually don’t lose my wallet or my keys. But after four weeks of working from home and with minimal contact to the outside world, plus a whole heap of online shopping I had somehow managed to lose track of my small wallet. The good news was that I had decided to add the AirBolt Shield to my wallet well before this incident happened.

So what happened, I hear you ask? Well, as all the days blurred across one another, I couldn’t figure out where I had left my wallet. So after looking for it in all the usual places, such as my bag, the kitchen and next to my bed, I realised that this was the perfect opportunity to test the AirBolt Shield. I was not disappointed.

The AirBolt Shield works off Bluetooth and crowdsourced tracking. So the first step I took, was to attempt to connect my iOS phone via Bluetooth to my AirBolt Shield. One really neat feature within the app is the use of a level or strength of Bluetooth connectivity, which worked great. Best way to think about this is it works similar to the children’s game of hot and cold. The further away from the AirBolt Shieldyou are, the ‘colder’ it gets. In this case, the term ‘Not Connected’ appears on the app. As I began to get closer, the ‘warmer’ or the better the Bluetooth connectivity became. This means that I saw ‘Connected’ appear on my screen, and the bars gradually began to turn pink. In my search, by using this method, it allowed me to quickly eliminate most of my home. As I came closer and closer to where it was, more of the bars began to turn pink, so I knew that I was getting ‘warmer’, or closer to finding it. Soon enough, I was able to discover that it was pointing me away from my home and towards the garage.

By using the app to guide me within the garage, I finally found it! It was located underneath the passenger seat of my car. It worked! The AirBolt Shield saved me from spending hours of pointless and panicked searching.


It’s the perfect companion

What I really liked about the AirBolt Shield was its size and usability. It is a perfect size that fits into any wallet, big or small. The matte texture prevents the card from sliding out of my wallet. Unlike other trackers, the AirBolt Shield doesn’t need to have its battery replaced. Instead, it comes with a custom cable for charging it back up. I have had this tracking card for at least six months and the battery level is still looking good. This is considering AirBolt states that each charge should last up to nine months. Plus, the free AirBolt app will notify you when the battery runs low, so no need to remember when you last charged it anyway.

What else?

Since this incident happened, I have delved deeper into how this could continue to make my life easier. One feature that comes in super handy, is when you’re out and about. It's the proximity alert. The AirBolt app alerts you when you have moved away from your AirBolt Shield (and wallet). There are three levels to choose from: Out of Range, Low Sensitivity and High Sensitivity. I have found the Out of Range to be the perfect setting to use. This means it doesn’t go off every hour of the day as I move around the house. Rather, it goes off only when I move further away (out of Bluetooth range) from my AirBolt for a pre-selected amount of time. For the record, Low Sensitivity is triggered when there are only two pink bars and High Sensitivity is triggered when there are only three pink bars. The proximity alert can be found in the Lock Settings of the AirBolt app.

Other great features of the AirBolt Shield

  • Weather-resistant,
  • A loud melody of up to 110dB,
  • Find your phone using AirBolt Shield
  • Uses Bluetooth and crowdsourced tracking
  • Designed to fit into any wallet, with the dimension of L89.52mm x W54.2mm x H2.1mm

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