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The security upgrades you should do once you're in your new home

October 05, 2021
The security upgrades you should do once you're in your new home

Moving to your new home is an exciting time, but it can be stressful too. It often requires a well-choreographed plan in the days leading up to and after the move, from changing the utility accounts to packing up your belongings. We often find that security upgrades or changes are the last items on the agenda left to do. So here are five essential security upgrades that you should do before you do anything else.

1. Change the door locks

Before taking on any renovations in your home, change the door locks first. Your front door is the first line of defence and the main point of entry. So it makes sense to prioritise this above everything else. Ask yourself, do you know with 100% certainty that you have every single spare key to your home? Most likely, the answer is no. Get in touch with your local Master Locksmith and get the locks changed asap. On a side note: If you want to create a home with smart technology, why not start this process with a smart door lock?

2. Check your windows

Window security should be the second item on your home security upgrade checklist. Here, you should check that your windows are all secured well in place. This means checking to ensure there are no gaps between the window and its frame. There are two benefits to doing this check. Firstly, it makes it harder for anyone to remove the window panes. And secondly, it stops the winter chills and the hot breeze squeezing its way through the home. If there are any cracks on the windowpane, get the windows changed. It may even be a good idea to put a security film over them as it prevents the glass from breaking. Instead, the glass will shatter but will remain within the frame.

Lastly, do your windows have the proper locks or restrictors installed? Certain jurisdictions have minimum requirements when it comes to window security. Also, don’t forget about those keys. Do they even work?

3. Garage security

How secure is your garage right now? Check the garage door is sturdy by checking the locking pins fit correctly and are not sitting loose. Does the garage key lock sit firmly on the door? Or does the lock wobble when you put the key in to unlock? Again, if you’re looking to go keyless, now is the time to add on that smart garage door lock too. Next, do you have a passage door between the garage and the home? Ensure this door has a keyed lock. Don’t forget to rekey this door lock too. Finally, is there enough lighting in the garage? If not, upgrade your lights or add more lighting if required. It will make your life easier when searching for something in the dark.

4. Outdoor security

How good is the lock on your gate? If it’s a rusty old padlock on a chain or bolt, change it. Look for a weather-proof padlock that won’t rust with the elements. Other options include getting a gate lock that can be operated with a key or PIN pad. Other outdoor items you should check include locating where your fuse box and main water valve are. Knowing where they are is handy if there’s an emergency, and you need to turn these off for a bit. Outdoor lighting is also a must-have. It should be motion-activated lighting and be bright enough for you to see out into your property.

5. Security cameras

There are so many great reasons to have security cameras. But the main one is, security cameras help to deter theft. Get one that comes with a smartphone app, as those with instant alerts and two-way communication are useful. Plus, you can see when the postie comes along to drop off your online purchases. Best spots to install your cameras include near the front door, in the backyard and on your driveway/garage.

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