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Secure Your World's Best Smart Locks for 2021

August 03, 2021
Secure Your World's Best Smart Locks for 2021

Are you looking to upgrade your ordinary, mechanical lock to the best smart lock for your home? Will it be one that can integrate into your smart home protocol? Or one that has multiple access methods? With such an array of smart locks available on the market and with many different features, how do you know which one is best for you? We’ve done the hard work and compared the top five of the best smart locks from our site for your convenience.

Yale Unity Entrance Lock

The Yale Unity Entrance Lock is a modern and straightforward designed smart door lock. It has an array of integration methods for comprehensive access management and security. Grant Bluetooth and PIN (requires Yale Smart Keypad) access via the Yale Access app. Plus, you can keep track of user access, such as who and when. The lock itself indicates its current lock mode via its built-in LED. Unlock is green, locked is yellow and secure shows as red. So you never have to guess the status of your door security again.

Yale offers the ability for further integration with the Yale Connect Bridge. Here you can enjoy the added flexibility of locking and unlocking your door remotely. Adding the Yale Connect Bridge also gives you the freedom to view activity logs and change lock settings from anywhere in the world. Plus, you can connect your Yale Connect Bridge to your Google, Samsung and Alexa smart home hubs for accessible voice commands.

Lock type: Digital Deadlock.
Smart Home Protocol Compatibility: Alexa, Google Home.
Access: RFID and via the Yale Access App. Bluetooth and PIN are available through the Yale Smart Keypad.
Remote Access and management: Yes - when connected to Yale Connect Bridge.
Best for: Families with young children, a keyless entry allows children easy access to your home, and there’s no chance of losing keys. Either you can let them in remotely, or they can use their phone or fob card to get inside.


Igloohome Smart Deadbolt S2

The sleek and slim design of the Igloohome Smart Deadbolt measures only 11mm in thickness on the front. Therefore it’s not the typical bulky smart locks we've seen. The Igloohome Smart Deadbolt does not need internet connectivity. Instead, it works with its mobile app via Bluetooth. Igloohome uses its unique algoPIN™ technology to issue individual time-sensitive PINs. When you connect via Bluetooth to the lock, you can instantly view the lock's activity. This includes who accessed it, when and how the lock was accessed (PIN, Bluetooth). Other great features include auto relocking and the ability to set your lock to passage mode. A matt black lever is a perfect companion to the Igloohome Smart Deadbolt.

Lock type: Deadbolt.
Smart Home Protocol Compatibility: Bluetooth, or sign up to Iglooworks for wifi connectivity.
Access: Bluetooth and PIN.
Remote Access and management: Yes - when connected to Iglooworks.
Best for:Short term property owners and managers. Igloohome’s ability to communicate with booking platforms allows guests to receive and use PINs unique to their booked dates. So from the moment, check-in opens to check-out time and not a moment more.


dormakaba M5 Series

The dormakaba M5 Series is a heavy-duty door lock that is great for boutique offices and homes alike. Like the Yale Unity Entrance Lock, the dormakaba M5 doesn’t need a separate door lever. In terms of accessibility, you can connect up to 100 RFID cards and Fobs along with 10 PINs and 10 Bluetooth devices. So plenty of flexibility for how your users wish to gain access to your premises. When you're using the dormakaba app, you'll see what cards are in use, and you'll have a complete overview with the lock's detailed activity log. Setting up your dormakaba M5 is easy. The app uses voice-guided programming to help you set up the Administrator PIN, program RFID cards and create One Time PINs. So great for anyone wishing to make a slow transition into keyless living.

The ​​dormakaba M5 complies with AS1905 Part 1: Fire resistant doorsets. So it will suit most commercial and residential buildings that must adhere to strict fire safety regulations.

Lock Type: Mortice
Smart Home Protocol Compatibility: Alexa, Google Home, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave
Access: RFID, Bluetooth and PIN
Remote Access and management: No
Best for: Apartments, considering the dormakaba M5 is fire rated to comply with most building regulations. With a massive 100 RFID card connectivity, it’s also great if the apartment receives a myriad of people, such as cleaners, carers, property managers, etc.



Level up your smart access with the EVVA AirKey. The AirKey is suitable for any office or home application. All that needs replacing is the cylinder in your door, so make sure you still have a door handle. Access to your door is either via Bluetooth or with its waterproof key fobs or fob cards. Download the free Evva AirKey app to your phone for complete access to key management. The AirKey app can issue time-constrained access via Bluetooth, manage users and view up-to-date activity on users’ access. Or you can use the desktop web application EVVA AirKey Online Administration for easier viewing. The best feature for the Evva AirKey is the geotag. It allows new users to receive simple directions right to your front door - so no one will get lost trying to find your property.

Lock Type: cylinder replacement
Smart Home Protocol Compatibility: wifi
Access: Bluetooth, key fob and fob card
Remote Access and management: Yes
Best for: Someone who wants a stylish yet minimal look on their front door. The EVVA AirKey is also great for homes that are tricky to find, given the lock comes with geotagging.


Danalock V3

If you’re looking for a lock that doesn’t scream smart lock from the outside, then the Danalock V3 is the one for you. It can be retrofitted onto most doors and simply replaces the lock mechanism on the inside of your door. Thus the keyed entry lock on the outside remains in place, and nobody will know that you have a smart lock. The Danalock V3 can also integrate easily into your smart home set-up. It’s available in four options, depending on what you already have or want to have at home. Choose either the standalone Bluetooth mobile app version or select between Apple HomeKit, Zigbee or Z-Wave smart home integration models. But, don’t throw away your existing house keys! Keep them in a safe place, as they are your backup if the battery goes flat or something goes wrong.

Lock Type: Deadbolt
Smart Home Protocol Compatibility: wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Apple HomeKit.
Access: RFID. Both Bluetooth and PIN are available with the Yale Smart Keypad.
Remote Access and management: Yes, except Bluetooth.
Best for: Anyone looking to grow their smart home system or incorporate a smart door lock into an existing smart home system.


If you’re on the hunt for the best smart locks, then you’ve certainly come to the right place! Check out our entire collection of smart home security here at Secure Your World.