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Choosing the best Smart door lock for your business

June 18, 2019
Choosing the best Smart door lock for your business

“So…what do you do?”

When we meet new people, it’s almost always one of the first questions that are asked. Our jobs play such a huge part in defining who we are, how we see ourselves, and how others perceive us. Need proof? Try introducing yourself to the next two people you meet as a garbage collector and a neurosurgeon, respectively. Their responses will tell you everything you need to know.

While security may be a high priority for some companies, others give it little more than cursory thought, which is somewhat mystifying. Many of the same organisations spend a great deal of time, money and effort on top-of-the-range cybersecurity to protect their data but neglect to invest in high-quality locks for their doors. There’s not much point in fortifying your networks against online hackers when the low-tech bad guys can just waltz in and nick your hardware now, is there?


That said, this is not a discussion of high vs low technology. On the contrary, it is precisely the intersection of technology and security that we believe offers the greatest peace of mind for the business owner or office manager. In recent weeks, we’ve taken an up-close and personal look at state-of-the-art Smart lock technology for the home In this post; we turn our focus to how Smart Locks can revolutionise the way you look at security in the workplace.

How Do Smart Locks Work for Businesses?

Just as no two individuals are exactly alike, every workplace is a unique and complex ecosystem with innumerable moving parts. Whether it’s a small, family-owned venture or a huge corporation, running a business can be an all-consuming pursuit. When assessing which smart door lock is best for your business, it’s crucial to ask yourself a few fundamental questions:

  • Who will need access?
  • How many people require access?
  • What is the turnover of people that require access?
  • Are there different levels of access required for different people?
  • Who is managing access to the facility?
  • As we saw in our comprehensive guide to the differences between smart locks and digital locks Smart Door Locks can be opened remotely without any physical interaction with or proximity to the lock itself. The amazing technology behind Smart Door Locks means that in most cases, all aspects of the access can be quickly and controlled using an online or mobile app. This provides business owners and office or facilities managers with unparalleled power to determine who has access to their property, when, and by what means. In most cases, Smart lock apps allow you to:

  • Assign and change permanent PIN codes
  • Assign temporary PIN codes valid for precise times or regular intervals.
  • Assign a “virtual key” to any user utilising the relevant app
  • Remotely unlock or lock doors from anywhere via your phone
  • Generate reports detailing all access activity to and from the location
  • Receive alerts any time a door is opened or closed
  • The best part is that you don’t have to be anywhere near the facility to do all this. Theoretically, you could be sunning yourself on the beach in Bali and let a tradie or the cleaner into the office back in the grind. Ok, so we’re not all quite so lucky. However, the freedom and peace of mind of not having to be physically present to allow access to staff, tradespeople, contractors or others is an incredible pressure reliever while simultaneously enhancing, rather than compromising, office security.

    So, which Smart Door Lock holds the key for your business? Let’s see if we can unlock the answers:

    Smart Locks for Small Businesses

    Ask any small business owner, and they’ll tell you that running a successful operation is a hectic, frenetic and seemingly ceaseless challenge. Balancing the needs of the company with family and personal life is often more wishful thinking than reality. For such businesses, Smart Lock capabilities are the perfect way to remove at least one headache. Maybe you’re a café, and the baker needs to drop off the bread at 5:00 am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday? Perhaps you have a small team and whoever arrives at the office first takes care of the opening duties? Alternatively, you may be renovating and have tradespeople coming and going at all times? The list of scenarios may be endless, but the answer is always the same: Smart Lock technology ensures that the days of early morning or late-night dashes to work to let someone in, or the logistical nightmare of keeping track of umpteen sets of keys are things of the past.

    The secret here is simplicity and budget. You need something easy to install, a breeze to operate, and that won’t cost an arm and a leg when margins are tight. This is where the Igloohome Smart Bluetooth Deadbolt and the Kaadas R7 Keyless Rim Lock come into their own. Both have sleek, minimalist designs, are incredibly straightforward to operate and can be installed by any handyman worth their salt. Best of all, they deliver all the performance and features that a smaller operation requires at a manageable price. In a similar vein, the Yale Assure Bluetooth Smart Lock range comes in both keyless and keyed versions to give you the option of a manual key override for extra peace of mind at the same price point.


    Smart Locks for Medium-Sized Businesses

    As your business grows, the headcount and the number of moving parts start to increase. So too does the level of complication involved in controlling the more significant numbers entering and exiting the facility. With so many people milling in and out, security is now a critical issue. Having random sets of keys is no longer a realistic option, yet you might not be quite ready for a full-time receptionist or fancy automated sign in/sign out system. Furthermore, there’s a good chance that an office, facility or operations manager is now wearing the security hat, so you may be dealing with an extra layer in the chain of command. Here too, Smart Locks make the complicated look embarrassingly simple.

    A mid-sized organisation needs the perfect balance of flexibility and accountability. The more people you have, the less likely that everyone that requires access will have the appropriate app on their phone. On the other hand, managing large numbers of PIN codes for a range of different requirements may not always be the simplest solution. If that sounds like a problem you’re tackling, the Kaba E-Flash 680 BLE Digital Lockset and the Igloohome Smart Bluetooth Mortice Lock both offer all the Smart Lock benefits with the ability to assign a sufficient number of key cards and fobs to ensure that all your bases are covered.

    As your business becomes more complex, you may find specific areas of the facility that require additional security. Alternatively, if yours is a business that deals with highly sensitive or valuable material or data on-premises, then perhaps your security requirements are higher overall. In such scenarios, you may need the added safety of biometric fingerprint locks to ensure that only the right people can access the appropriate parts of the building. Secure Your World has the solution with the Kaadas M9 Smart Fingerprint Doorlock and its sibling, the Kaadas 5155 Keyless Smart Digital Doorlock, which offer the capacity to register 49 and 100 unique fingerprints, respectively, in addition to PIN and key card entry.


    Smart Locks for Large & Enterprise Level Businesses

    Large businesses deal with potentially hundreds of people accessing their site every day. In most cases, there will be a broad range of users. From the office to the production floor and warehouse, the unique needs of every part of your ecosystem requires a state-of-the-art, sophisticated solution that keeps the business running smoothly, and with optimal security.

    Here again, the inimitable Kaadas range of Biometric Smart Locks with PIN, Bluetooth, Key Card and Fingerprint capabilities has you well and truly covered. With everything controlled for each lock-point through the device app, corporations can ensure that each cog in their complex wheel has the right degree of access by the appropriate means. Not to be outdone, the Samsung Smart Push-Pull Door Lock delivers all the same features at a price that is still within the range of a larger organisation.


    The Smart Thing About Commercial Smart Lock

    As you can see, irrespective of the size of your company, Secure Your World has an option that will suit your requirements. With such incredible technology available to any business, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the ease, flexibility and superior control that Smart Door Locks offer, at a price that fits your budget.

    If you have questions about how Smart Security can help your business, Secure Your World has the answers. Contact us today and our expert staff will be happy to discuss your requirements and point you in the right direction to revolutionising the way you think about workplace security.